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Cat 8300 GLBP Support

Can someone confirm if the Cat8300 supports (or will support) GLBP ?I thought I saw it mentioned in the 8300 datasheet somewhere, but looking in Feature Navigator, it did not show up under the DNA Advantage license selection.. Although I did see the ...

sld by Beginner
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Resolved! SSH to another VLAN

Hello everyone,I'm setting up a lab with inter-vlan routing. I have a host in VLAN 50 ( and 3 SG220 switches in the Management-VLAN Vlan 30 ( A Cisco 1941 Router is doing the routing between the VLAN's. Everything is ...

danielsffs by Beginner
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Resolved! Dual BGP neighbors with route-maps

Hi,Here in our company we have a router that is connected to 2 eBGP peers, lets say that the first peer is and the other is Currently, we are receiving and using a default route to, this make the not utilized. So what...

Routing with Layer 3 Switch

In this diagram I'm told to set up on interface vlan 1 and ping all other hosts with different network addresses. I have ip routing enabled and when I create a static route or dynamic route they don't show up in the table but I don't get...

Zach1234 by Beginner
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Can I load balance/Load share between two different Service Providers with eBGP and iBGP between two different devices ?

Hi All, Actually I have a same question but for a different Topology.I have two routers connecting to different Service Providers (Router A to Service provider A1 and Router B to Service Provider B1).We are using iBGP between A and B and eBGP between...

RV340 Firewall Access Rules Behavior

Hello, Regarding RV340 router configuration - Firewall - Access Rules, I have questions hopefully someone can answer.The terrible, inadequate manual, does not ever explain functional behavior of the router, it just repeats what is in the UI. in the e...

RV340 Firewall Access Rules Behavior.png

Resolved! ISR1k to internet

I am setting up a test lab and I am a little lost on how to setup my ISR 1100 to connect to the internet. I very new to all this and have already read some guides. Often times the guides don't cover DHCP use on the wan port. I have spectrum internet ...

lynxnebi by Beginner
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