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Having an issue with static routes on a 9800 WLC and maybe what im trying to do isnt possible... WLAN that is for access to our wired LAN works fine. Have a guest wifi interface connected from wlc -> firewall and i can ping that interface from the wl...

Resolved! ip routing

Hello, I would like to know if there is a method (without adding a router) so that the machines of the default vlan communicate with the rest of the vlan???. In our network we have a core switch with a single vlan (default vlan) with ip 192.168.0.X t...

Paloma! by Beginner
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Resolved! unicast verify

I have gre tunnel interface and EIGRP on it fails if I turn on unicast source verfication. sh ip int tuxx | inc drop shows increasing verification drops. Question is how can I deterimin what exactlly is droped. debug ip cef drops show nothing.   br

Hi Guys, i have one L3 switch and multiple WAN links. is there any options to configure IPSLA if link bandwidth gets highly utilized (more than threshold) and then generate text files on router itself.or anyother options other han monitoring tools? i...

Noovi by Beginner
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Hello, could you please explain what needs to be done to make this situation work properly. The company has implemented network segmentation using VRF. All traffic from VRF goes through PFsense. I want to make a GRT leak to VRF. I did a VRF receive c...

We have been asked by a potential new customer to configure a self-purchased Cisco C1117-4P router with their new BT internet line. Another company is installing a SonicWALL firewall.We are just waiting for the SFP module for port 0/0/0 to patch the ...

craig88 by Beginner
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Hi GuysWe are looking at starting a DMVPN over our MPLS network.We have 2 main hubs.When you create the tunnel on the spokes and you put the config in for the hubs as belowSpoke2(config-if)#ip nhrp nhs Spoke2(config-if)#ip nhrp nhs 172.16....

Hey guys, I have a current setup as shown in the screenshot, my aim is to ping to the other device and I configured static route for the routers but I am not able to ping. Can anyone suggest what to be done by seeing the screenshots?  

anandu1797 by Beginner
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Has anyone been able to get Policy-Based Routing working on a virtual Nexus switch?I know it is not listed under the 'supported' Nexus 9000v L3 features, but maybe it does work on some model/version of the 9300v/9500v?

yoeri by Beginner
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