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Hi In this router, the tunnel is inactive for long time. Checking the tunnel and its interface facing outside, it shows no any traffic. The strange thing is the router shows the interface is up via show ip int bri, but the router cannot ping...

Leftz by Level 4
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I've just configured a new internal subnet which I can ping from the router but I can't ping devices on the subnet from my computer. I have other subnets configured and they work fine. For example:WORKS - can ping from both router and PC:interface Gi...

Hello,I am trying to do a basic thing but it's not working. I would like to adverstived only IP address that is included in my LAN subnet. :interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0.10encapsulation dot1Q 10ip address 255.255.255...

jean1 by Level 1
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HelloI worked for a carrier network ethernet, we have more than 80 nodes (Cisco NCS 5500 and ASR 920), all these nodes run ISIS/LDP/MPLS in order to deliver MEF services like E-LINE, E-ACCESS.I heard about segment-routing, I have setup a lab in order...

We are hitting this bug on ASR 1006-X: But we are running the suggested release 17.03.05 which is neither in the affected or fixed releases. We suspect that it is affected but maybe bug isn't up...

Hi Guys I finally decided to take the last exam to get the CCNP certification, ENARSI, and I have 5 months to prepare it, I hope it is enough.My question is about how to practice troubleshooting and the different subjects included in the exams I work...

Lassek by Level 1
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Gentlemen,We have a multi-vendor setup in our datacenter(Silverpeak for SDWAN and Cisco Nexus devices). What could be the reasons that we should deploy iBGP over OSPF within LAN in the data center? Thanks 

PAHEE87 by Level 1
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Hallo,I have a C1126-8PLTEP ISR router with DUAL SIM capabilities. I would like to configure it such that I when the primary SIM fails, the secondary takes over. What is interesting is that I have created a controller profile for the primary interfac...

Joy3 by Level 1
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I can't ping my directly connected router from my switch and I can't figure out why. I'm just learning how to do all this stuff so please have mercy on me. This is in packet tracer btw. Here are my configs: Switch 1:Current configuration : 2623 bytes...

Bell-ah by Level 1
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Hello,Looking for help in setting up ISR 4351. We have two locations. Each location has: 1. An ISR with 3 physical interfaces2. Have /30 from ISP1 (x.x.x.x/30)  and ISP2 (y.y.y.y/30)3. Have /24 Class (z.z.z.z/24) from ARIN that we are dividing in hal...

kenpaul by Level 1
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HelloI want to configure ISIS protocol with metric based on delay or bandwidth+delay.I read a document which is not cisco official, below is the point that I saw: IS-IS uses an arbitrary cost for its metric. IS-IS additionally has threeoptional metri...