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Hello,I've an VPLS between N540 XR 7.2.2 and Juniper.On both sides MTU is 2000, but i still get mismatch and PWs are down.ACs: 1 (1 up), VFIs: 1, PWs: 3 (0 up), PBBs: 0 (0 up), VNIs: 0 (0 up)pw-id 551, state: down, Static MAC addresses: 0pw-id 551, s...

kriskrs by Beginner
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I am having an issue that does not look uncommon for 4331'sWe have taken over a circuit in an office and this circuit will connect fine to other types of router or modem.They will pick up the dhcp but perminent assigned IP address with no issue, as t...

Hello Guys. I have few VRF in one site, I can't figure out why I can't get a VRF traffic to the internet through the VTI tunnel, site A to B I already tried with PBR and it doesn't work. Goal. From Site A I want VRF LAN to be able to g...

josebash by Beginner
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We have two edge routers from two ISPs with static default routes for internet, both the routers are connected to a layer 3 switch. Currently we have configured HSRP between two routers with default route in the switch towards the virtual IP to achie...

Learner09 by Beginner
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Hi everyone.I have a big problem. consider the below scenario. i wanna advertise from R1 to R2, but when R2 advertise this prefix to R3 filter a /32 IP address ( and pass and permit the rest of prefix.I tried many ways but did not...

Screenshot 2023-12-13 155317.png
Pouyaism by Beginner
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RoHi,I am going through some CCNA stuff and I would do some excercises in packet tracer. My problem is that I cannot write special characters anywhere - for example when I would want to write | so I can filter the output I would press AltGr+W. Except...

Resolved! VRF

Hi Team, I have couple VRFs setup on R5 with static route from each VRF on R5 pointing back to R4: ip route vrf_Name since R4 interface is on global table, how would static route from R4 to VRFs works. same as normal? i...


Hello. The reason for delaying Preempt while looking at cisco HSRP-related documents is because"When a router first comes up, it does not have a complete routing table. If HSRP is configured to preempt, the local HSRP group may become the active rout...

sjrcoel by Spotlight
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I have a problem with an ASR 920 that we have integrated into our becomes unstable as the load increasesyet without traffic it's stablewe've reviewed the configurations and they seem fineexcept that once traffic is injected it becomes unst...