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Resolved! QOS. Total output drops without congestion.

I am seeing behavior I don't understand. I hope someone can help.Total output drops without congestion. c1100-universalk9_ias.16.09.06.SPA.bin RT#sh domain iwan1 master exitsBR address: | Name: Tunnel3000 | type: external | Path: MPLS3 | p...

NAT on an ISR 4331

I have a working configuration from a Cisco 2901 router, and loading it in a ISR 4331 I get an error when setting the nat source static ip. In my configuration, because we have many systems that have the same IP, we use NAT to uniquely address each o...

Inter vlan routing issue, i think

Situation: Trying to connect 3 esxi hosts to two vlans used for iscsi traffic. Can ping storage from the distro switch, but cannot ping hosts.I replaced the network adapters in the 3 hosts and moved the new interfaces over to a 10 gig switch and have...

KMX762 by Beginner
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Hello Dear's,I have created a user with command username cisco privilege 15 password cisco when he telnet to the switch he is asked for the enable secret passwrd why??????Thanks

Resolved! BGP connect problem

I want to use anyconnect vpn to a server that using BGP to connect.I found a problem that BGP can not transfer route of the vpn pool so that packet can send out but not send back...Is that firepower don’t have vpn route so cause this problem?

ASR901 local password policy?

Hi,Im trying to configure a local password policy to fullfill a stig check but im unsure how to do it on an ASR.On switches I have it normally goes like this:enable configure terminal aaa new-model aaa common-criteria policy policy-name char-changes ...

K-Grev by Beginner
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Resolved! CSR 1000V Demo AX License

Hi,I'm experiencing the following issue:We've got a Csr 1000v to test out vCUBE as a local gateway for Webex Calling.After installing the license it shows up as "Active, Not in Use " and the voice features we need are not active.The command license b...

Resolved! Need Help with BGP

Hello Experts @Georg Pauwen  @balaji.bandi  @paul driver  @Richard Burts  @MHM Cisco World  I have two sites where underlying ospf is configured and then BGP is configured.  Site A is advertising 189.75.62.x/24 to BGP and Site B is advertising 189.75...