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Hi Team,I have Configured NAT64 on an ASR. It appears everything is working as required until the outgoing DNS64 Addressed IPv6 packets 'hit the NAT64 server (ASR)' on Int GE0/0/0. Int GE0/0/3.31211 is connected to the IPv6 only host. Keen to hear wh...

claurie by Beginner
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Hi all,You have all been so helpful in the past, I was wondering if anyone can assist in a small problem I have with traffic being blocked and finding the cause? We have a remote site using a C927-4PM which then connects back to our ASA at HQ via a s...

Hi, I am new to cisco and still learning my way around.  My questions is we have BGP neighborship configured on Cisco 4500 switch and distribute-list is used. neighbor <IP> distribute-list 20 inneighbor <IP> distribute-list 21 out  From what I learnt...

Hello all,For some reason my Packet Tracer stopped working. It freezes right after startup, starts doing the spin of death, and eventually times out (i.e., "Packet Tracer Executable Not Responding"). I have checked firewall and anti-virus settings, d...

Optimist1 by Beginner
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Hello everyone,I am a stundent working a lab, i am wondering how to implement the following scenario : I have 2 ISP router connected to the internet, behind which i have 2 cisco routers handling firewall and vpn connections. Thoses routers are themse...

Hi, i need route from VLAN to internet. I cannot ping from any VLAN to internet. I tried do Router On Stick, but ping from vlan to internet doesnt working.Here is a running-config on Router and topology. Thank for help Router running-confi  Topology ...

Ra.JPG topo.JPG adres.JPG

Resolved! DHCP Issue

Hello Guys,I have 3750x-48 Switch, I created DHCP Pool for Wireless Access Point VLAN as below:ip dhcp pool WAPnetwork dhcp excluded-address I want DHCP IP add...

Working on a school project on Packet Tracer and notice despite OSPF, my 2 PT Servers cannot ping one out of the 3 routers for some odd reason. OSPF configurations are as followsR1router ospf 1log-adjacency-changesnetwork area 0netwo...

Jin224 by Beginner
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Hi,  I am trying to setup a configuration for remote access VPN I am unable to use router#(config)crypto isakmpI only got below insteadR1#crypto ?key Key related commands.pki Public Key components

T0mTheCat by Beginner
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Hi Team,This is with respect to QoS configurations on DMVPN headend router.Noticed that the child policy is configured but not called under the parent-policy. Will there be any errors or service impact when correct the configurations? Current Config:...

andags by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP Question

Hi We are currently peering using BGP with SP and they are setting up a secondary link for us if i copy and paste all the bgp config just changing the neigbor xxxxx  still using same remote-as will bring this down bgp.?? Thanks

benolyndav by Enthusiast
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