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Resolved! Resolving a mismatch against a hub port.

I have a VPN appliance external network interface connected to a 10/100Mbs hub. I noticed performance issues and that the VPN appliance logs demonstrate transmission error in the interface connected to the hub.By default, the interface is set to 'aut...

news2010a by Participant
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Application slowness over T-1 but not backup link

If you can figure out this you are indeed among the elite of troubleshooting. We have a remote site connected to our main site over a Full T-1 connection. We also have a backup DSL connection from this remote site to the main site connected using DMV...

QoS - Class Based WFQ vs. WFQ on MPLS

We are trying to determine our QoS strategy. Most of our WAN links are higher speed MPLS links, but there are a few slower F/R links.I think there would be benefits to using CB WFQ on the F/R links, but is there a benefit to using it on the higher sp...

qos issue

Dear guysi have a wireless link between my routershere is the topology :SERVER -- Router --- Wireless <---->Wireless ---- router --- clientsby the way my wireless link is 36 Mbps but sometimes suddenly it decrease to 6 Mbps on my client side i have t...

emadehsan by Beginner
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Redundancy with Intersite BGP

Hi All, Please have a look at the attachment before you start reading the requirement.Setup:------1. We have two sites LAN-1 & LAN-2 both connecting to two different ISP's 1 & 2.2. Both the Sites are inter linked using STM-1.3. Both the Sites has go...

subra4u by Beginner
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Resolved! How does it know?

i have two routers sitting on the same LAN. the first router provides the interface with ISP and PAT for outgoing traffic - router two has the static NAT entries for our www servers. Since both routers have routes to the www servers (10.10.10.x)how d...

802.1Q trunking of the native VLAN

I ran across this while studying for the BCMSN:"Any untagged frames that an 802.1Q trunk receives will be forwarded to any ports in the native VLAN, which could be a security issue. This issue can be avoided by assigning an unused VLAN number to the ...

NAT one-to-one-to-only-one

Hello, I'm trying to do the following, but can't find the way. I have to configure a 1721 with one Serial and two ethernets. Serial0 receive internet trafic AND WAN trafic. One ethernet is connected to "internal" LAN and the other to the "unsecure" L...

jnarvaez by Beginner
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Input, CRC, and Frame errors on 3825 router

I am getting input, CRC and Frame errors on my serial interfaces. I have 3 T-1's configured with multilink and connect to MPLS.Attached is an output of the show int.I am working with our carrier but they say they test clean to the CSU on all three T'...

burleyman by Collaborator
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T1 'loss of frame' problems

I have a T1 line that has suddenly become unstable. It was repaired by the Telco last week after it went down but over the weekend it has gone up and down several times. I'm fairly new at Cisco and all I can find for troubleshooting is to do a 'sh ...

qbakies11 by Beginner
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IOS 12.4-15.T1 High CPU Usage from Show Run CLI

Hello,I recently upgraded a 2811 to 12.4-15.T1 and since doing that, I receive High CPU usage from a "Show Run" command. This never happend in the past.This router has 512MB DRAM, so I'm hoping there's no shortage along these lines.Attached is the ou...

kst.amand by Beginner
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Cisco 871 vlan QOS

Hi,I am wondering if there is a bug in the latest cisco firmware for the 871 routersc870-advipservicesk9-mz.124-11.T2 .We noticed a major problem since upgrading from c870-advipservicesk9-mz.124-4.T3, in that it wont allow us to set a qos service po...


dear sir,i have 1750 router in that while booting no memory found it was showing how can i troubleshoot.anybody help mesrini

Copying ios to flash via serial

I have just downloaded a new image to flash via a serial cable on a Cisco 837. The Download completed and then erazed the flash, but the checksum failed. Here is the output:Expected checksum: 3d7a, calculated checksum:814open: file "c837-k9o3y6-mz....

whiteford by Beginner
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