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I'm pretty new to networking and still learning CCNA stuff. I'm reading a book and as I understand, when you are connecting two routers using a serial line, one router is considered DCE and the other is DTE. The DCE side should set clock rate in orde...


Resolved! ISIS

When routing the packet within an area, the routers use the System-ID of the router for delivery. When routing packets between areas, the Area-ID is the address. These addresses are part of the NET Value. I have just started learning about IS-IS prot...

I am facing issue with the AS-Path prepend. On R6, I increased as-path towards ebgp neighbor of R1 in order to influence inbound traffic coming from R10 - Please refer below config: R6:R6#sh run | s route-mapneighbor route-map...


I'm seeing the following message on my syslog server from my nexus switch, and I wanted to do some additional research into the reasons for this.  I'm not able to see a command on the Cisco Nexus to show the reason.  Is there a way to see the reason ...

 Hey guys, I saw the following commands that can be used to filter output. PC1#show run | ? append Append redirected output to URL (URLs supporting append operation only) begin Begin with the line that matches count Count...