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ASR 1001x ISG Subscriber Session issue

When i negotiate ip address by DHCP radius say "Access-Accept" and i have access to network, but after lease timeout session is going to disconnect/deleted state. please help,logs from disconnect below:*Jun 5 10:34:30.719: SSS MGR: Received key updat...

Cisco C1111-4P

We also use the router for bandwidth measurement before we hand over the service to our customer. We do this withudp-small-services to echo the udp measurement traffic.This works with this Routertype up to 35Mb/s,  higher bandwidths cause a 100% cpu ...

2 Active DC , OTV Used to extend 5 L2 VLAN , F5 used to distribute the load to servers

Hi I have 2 Active DC , OTV Used to extend 5 L2 VLAN , F5 used to distribute the load to servers i need to achieve the below east area traffic hits DC1 while west area traffic hits DC2 , what is the technical requirement to achieve such case , do wee...

Tunnel Interface on ASAV / CSR in AWS

I am trying to setup ipsec tunnel between an ASA-V in one VPC and a CSR in another VPC using the VTI-VPN (route based vpn) using ikev2. I understand I need to get connectivity between the two tunnel interfaces in order to setup the VTI-VPN but I am n...

bashinate by Beginner
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Forwarding Packet to Another Public IP

Hello guys, so i have 2 sites it's Site A & B. We have server farm in site B that used to be in site A and the we're migrated and that's so happened. So my boss wanted not stop this site A but instead he wanted still using it because our client white...

dpsw120 by Beginner
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DMVPN routing issues

Hello, currently I have a working DMVPN setup between my HQ and BRANCH office, on my branch side we are running Cisco CME for VoIP communications and my ultimate goal is to reach call manager from head office to connect phones. Currently I am experie...

R3Natas by Beginner
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Public IP ownership

I do not have visibility into a sites PE as its managed by provider. From what I can see we own out /24 subnet according to ARIN, but I cannot find an associated ASN registered to us. So how is this working from a provider standpoint? Are they advert...

Dual ISP Roll OVER Tunnel dont come up

Hi I have Dual ISP setup on ASA 5515. When Primary ISP goes down. Backup ISP come up and Tunnel start working after 2 mins. But when Primary ISP up again. P2P tunnel does not come up it self until I run this command.  clear ipsec sa peer  x.x.x.x Tha...

Annex M Backwards compatible

Hi, I have a ADSL 2+ (20M/800K) with a router Zyxel P660R. I want to change the router for a Cisco Router and I'd like to buy an Annex M (887M for example), so in the future I can use this router. Can I use the 887M with ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL 2+, Annex A...

jmprats by Enthusiast
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Resolved! 1841 ACL Issue

Hiwe have a 1841 router that we can ping it's interface and the network beyond that when the acl* applied to the interface and when the acl is removed we can just communicate with the router and the network beyond is completely disconnected.acl conta...

ASR 9901 capabilities

Hi,I would like to know the performance capabilities of the ASR 9901 fixed chassis or at least which RSP is based in. Right now for the ASR 9001 i have the following and i want something similar: FEATURE:Total Queues: 256K / NPPolicers: 256K / NPEthe...