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Hi all, I got CCNP Switch (300-115) in December 2017 and was studying for taking exams in September for CCNP Route (300-101).After the announcements for the new certifications, I see that having both Switch and Route on 24th February 2020 gives you "...

Dim16 by Beginner
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I have a Cisco 881 Router. Currently when it boots up then it goes to User Mode and prompts for a password (& not username) and after you enter password and then you type command: Enable then it again asks for password (& not username) and after typi...

Hi I'm looking to implement VLAN mapping for a proof of concept between two Cisco 6500. One is running old Catos & the other IOS.Config will look like this - does this look correct? 6500 CATOS Interface gi1/2/1set switchport mode trunkset trunk encap...

Hello everyone, I have a problem when operating network system, in our company we used cisco 2960. When the network failure cause port errors. I want to show the history log by date, and troubleshoot why the port has been error.  What command i shoul...

sonph by Beginner
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Hello Net Architects, 1)Let's say I have a connection of 300KB(kbytes) DL and 150KB(kbytes) UL P/S,How many HTTPS packets of 674Bytes I can send?considering that that HTTPs packet is a request to a data that is 406BytesBytes Sent: 674Bytes Received: ...

George-Sl by Beginner
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I currently have a Cisco 3550-12G as a core router. I want to replace this with a 3560E-48PD-S.Can anyone see any performance issues with this?thanks

mickyq by Beginner
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Resolved! ANYCAST

Hi,I was taking a look at this doc: couple of doubts arise with the config example (Figure 2)Do we need to enable pim (ip pim spar) between RP1 and RP2?Do we ...

enriquebs by Beginner
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Resolved! GRE tunnels

Hi : I am looking info on the number of GRE tunnels support on cisco routers?would appreciate any pointers

I am hoping someone can provided guidance on proper setup on internal routing with a GS300 with two different sub-subnets. This is not my forte but i should be able to mange it if am pointed in the right direction. Network  Diagram is below, the issu...

Network Diag.png
ylafont by Beginner
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Resolved! ASR vs NCS

Hi expert Can someone give an explanation what is the difference between router ASR and NCS?Why Cisco differentiate it into two models?

Hello, I am trying to setup a network with a web server in a private network that should be availaible from an outside network.I have some probl;em with my routing route, and I have tried to give access to all ip by configurer ip route on my ...

Drakestes by Beginner
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