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am attempting to add a second public/external IP to WAN interface and NAT to static IP on existing vLAN.  I have tried several combination and not working. please confirm - to add a second IP to external interface, i simply add the IP to the existing...

Hi the community, I would like to have your point of view and suggestion about my problem. As you can see on the draw attached, I have static routing and dynamic routing for the same remote sites LANs.My goal is to replace the static routing by the O...

Hi team , need your help with the " clear ip nat translation outside <local ip> <global ip >I tried few times , but always get the " %translations not found",, but actually the translations are still there the reason I dont want to do the clear ip na...

I need to purchase MEM-FLSH-4U8G, in cisco GPL I see this position and price.But in the Cisco Commerce Estimates on this position gives the result "No Products Found".  How to order MEM-FLASH-4U8G separately from the router?

master_ds by Beginner
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I am very new to telephony troubleshooting. We are having call quality issues. Here is a sampling from my logging and my the controller that seems to be resetting. Any thoughts would be great.  T1-GWY-2921#sh controller T1 0/0/1T1 0/0/1 is up.Appliqu...

Hi We are using a HA pair of 5516X firewalls running software version 9.8We are looking to migrate over to a new internet connection with a bigger subnet.Currently we have few IPSEC VPNs, some natted services with inbound access, and normal outbound ...

Mokhalil82 by Enthusiast
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Hello AllI have a task in hand, where by i need to get Site to Site and Remote to site configure in my Branch RouterHQ- Only Site to Site VPN to Branch RouterBranch- Site to Site VPN with HQ router and Client to Branch Site VPN AccessI have following...

I'm having problem with the trunk to trunk. My setup is as follows..  switch6a---->switch6b---->router6a---->router6b---->switch6c---->switch6d- Management VLAN 192.168.99.X for all devices-switch6a also has a serial port to receive a...

I am trying to get a flow exporter to work on a Cisco ASR 1000.  I get flow traffic on the monitor, but it does not appear to be forwarding to the exporter correctly.  I have tried v4 and v9.  I have also tried setting the interface to send input tra...

rwills by Beginner
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Hello I would like you to help me, I have a cisco router RV345 I created two vlan on it Vlan1: Untagged Vlan2: Tagged, then I activated inter-vlan connection, I  plugged my router into a Cisco SG250-50 switch in the Gigabit Ethernet...

Hi,  I notice an issue in my new setup with vrrp status. When checked from the router 1 and router 2 perspective where the router 1 which is configured with lower priority takes the Master role while the router 2 which is configured with higher prio...

Raja_D by Beginner
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I'm managing several devices that are using VRF lite. All works fine for VTY access, until I add a PAT statement within the VRF. Sanitised config as follows:   router-aart#sh run Building configuration... version 15.2 service nagle no service pad s...

Drew T. by Beginner
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Hi everybody; I have the following scenario (IP's are fake, is only orientative example):     Laptop                  ------        WLC                           --------     Switch 1                      -------          CORE Ip Address             ...