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Hello! I have a question about BGP, is there a way to receive same prefixes from one router by different BGP peers as different best paths that connected to my router by sub interfaces? is there any technique regarding this case?   Thanks.

Hello everyoneI would really try my best not to be the one asking the stupid questions. Out of dire need I have salvaged a old 875 ADSL Cisco. I have used years before put it in storage and I know its working. I have done a factory reset and have bee...

I have bundled three ethernet ports of my ASA 5520 into a port channel. I have then created subinterfaces for internal VLANs. All that works fine no issues. My ISP assigns me an IP address with DHCP. Currently, I have a physical ethernet port on the ...

Hello Community. I have Cisco 1552s industrial deployed in my environment running two SSIDs. The SSID's are broadcasted by the 1552S access points. The issue is even after getting DHCP IP from server mobile devices cannot go out to internet.We are us...

Hi All,Let me know what is the recursive routing. What is the purpose for recursive routing. Let me know what is pros and cons ?I am reading below links but i still confuse ?Please explain .

MrBeginner by Spotlight
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Comunidade, saudações! Para a comunicação entre todos os hosts em uma mesma rede, utilizamos endereço Broadcast da rede. Mas referente ao endereço Multicast, ele serviria para a mesma finalidade? Alguém poderia explicar quando utilizar um...

Newbie Question Here.  Does anyone have any config examples on how to set up alerting for T1 controllers?  In our environment we were experiencing some call delivery issues.  Upon further investigation on one of our routers we have a crap load of Lin...

Hello,   I have a 1GB connection from my DMZ network to the internet.  It travels from the 1GB cisco switch to the 1GB Cisco 4431 router and then into the internet connection.  I have this on 2 different sites.  One of my sites is ok and i can get do...

ohareka70 by Participant
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I have Cisco 3800 series router it needs user name and password to access through terminal I don't have the user name and password please help me to reset the password.Terminal screen shot is attached here you can see that.