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Aloha, I ran into a issue at work, and labbed it to see where is the error.  Router 1 and Router 2 are sending BGP aggregated routes into Router 3Router 1 is sending Router 2 is sending 3 redistributes all BGP rout...

grock by Beginner
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Hi,   I'm in the process of designing a spoke to spoke DMVPN solution with iBGP routing. The spoke to hub communication works fine (PC1 & PC2 can successfully ping but not the spoke to spoke's (PC1 & PC2 can't ping each other). Any idea wh...

dmvpn diagram.JPG
mikepro by Beginner
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We have two devices (C4500X) with a similar OSPF-configuration. After activating NSF in the OSPF-Process we get different outputs on the devices:   r1#sh ip ospf nsf Routing Process "ospf 1" Non-Stop Forwarding enabled IETF NSF helper support enabled...

schopi68 by Beginner
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Hi team ,  Would like to know , How fair it is increasing the queue size. Do we need to  keep in mind any other parameter while increasing and what would be the main disadvantage while increasing the queue size.  Regards,Sri

Shri612 by Beginner
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Hi Genius,       Can we use AC and DC power module in the same chassis. i want to both in the mixed form. cisco recommended, don't use the both the power module in same chassis. here i want to know why we are advised to do not use both power module. ...

jigojar by Beginner
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Resolved! CISCO2921

I purchase a CISCO292 on ebay for a home and Ham Radio project. I cant find any software that I can download. All I need is a IOS that I can run 2 IP's is regular internet  use, the other is running a HAM Radio IP which is from the AMPRNet, these  IP...

dpechon by Beginner
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Hello Community,  I am attempting to configure my 2821 router as a terminal server. Below is what I see when I look at the router.  !interface Async0/3/0no ip addressencapsulation slip!interface Async0/3/1no ip addressencapsulation slip!interface Asy...

I have multiple Nexus 7009 chassis. I am utilizing HSRP for the VLAN in question.  When I apply the same ACL on the VLAN interface on the 2 routers, the traffic I expect to get permitted is not. However, when I log the entry I see the cache fill as e...

Himhave25 by Beginner
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Hello Guys, I am kind of confuse or may not understanding it 100 %. I know what is multicasting and why we need that.  But confuse bw the difference among sparse, dense and sparse-dense mode. Also explain some scenario when we need one of the mode an...

ITexpert by Participant
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