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Hi all, we are hosting provider and we are looking to buy additional router. Right now we have Cisco 6500 with SUP720-3BXL supervisor as a core router which sometimes has a problems because of very weak CPU.Because of that we are searching for the re...

Salja by Level 1
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We are having data centre with core routers(7507) and core switches(4507) which are always ON.Now is it recommend to take planned reboot of core devices once in 6-7 months?If yes is there any supported doc giving such recommendation?Or we should not ...

I have a 3945 router with an ethernet wan connection. I'm applying qos and shaping to the interface. The counters are showing a considerable number of outbound discards. I am wondering why that is as the link is only 50% utilised. What should i check...

jmcgrady1 by Level 1
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Fun project here.  Looking to bond together 3 t1 lines from one provider non-managed already bonded by 3 physical lines, 1 t1 non managed, and 1 t1 from another managed router going straight to a switch.  All different providers.  What technology sho...

Migreen by Level 1
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I have a device running Linux and Cisco 5921.  I would like to run a generic script (TCL?) upon startup (system boot) that would then load custom device configurations based on a pre-determined device purpose.  So for example, I want the c5921 to aut...

jbize by Level 1
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Hi everyone, I have a PC in the subnet and I need to be able to access switches in and a NAS in the moment I can ping but can't ssh to and can neither ping nor http to network. I'd like to tweak the ACL...

lkomarci by Level 1
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we have set up our queues to match our carriers, they have set the top to classes to 40% and 39%, does this really make much of a difference then.  From what I understand, a ratio is calculated and each class gets to transmit according to that ratio,...

Hi all,While doing some simulation, I encountered some problems.L3 Switch (L3S1) is able to ping to the HSRP IP address and R2 G0/0/1 IP address. However, PC0 is unable to ping to the HSRP IP address and R2 G0/0/1 IP address.Did I missed out any conf...


I am creating a Network with 5 separate Vlans, connecting to a single router with different sub interfaces. I have set up the ip helper-address, and can get IP addresses from the DHCP server to the devices. I am struggling to get the devices to conne...


Hello, On our Nexus switches we have a BGP peering with an external company.  I need to advertise our WAN subnet into their BGP and need some help.  They want me to use IP Prefix lists for the below subnets that exist in our WAN.  (we h...