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Hi guys, I've the topology as below, After authentication CHAP on the client site, the PC on LAN can't ping to GoogleDNS: I dont know the reason until now, any suggestions? Thanks !! --------------------PPPOE SERVER  ISP-VNPT(config)#int virt...

Mr.Tich by Level 1
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I have HSRP on the MLS on given packet tracer file. I have inter VLAN communication and dynamic routing with OSPF in the routers. I want to ping the core router with the PC and aso keep the HSRP configuration intact. Also have redundancy in the distr...

Bosco by Level 1
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I have two Cisco 2901 routers with simple GRE tunnel between them (no IPSec, etc). Router A:interface Tunnel3ip address 3 3tunnel source <Router A IP>tunnel destination <Router B IP> Router B:interface Tunnel3ip a...

vadamlyuk by Level 1
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Dear Friends,I am getting the below log messages from one of my routers Nov 12 17:53:19.841 INT: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Serial1/0:15, changed state to upNov 12 17:53:20.133 INT: %CONTROLLER-5-UPDOWN: Controller E1 1/0, change...

hellothere is a simple topology TE tunnels 10 and 14 are build to betwean IOU 10 and IOU14 interface Tunnel10ip unnumbered Loopback0tunnel mode mpls traffic-engtunnel destination mpls traffic-eng forwarding-adjacencytunnel mpls traf...


 In the above scenario, I am using EIGRP to advertise routes between all the routers.  When I execute show ip eigrp topology all-links on Router2 I get the following output:In the above output to reach the network, it can go through 192.1...

eigrp.png eigrp2.png
shijad007 by Level 1
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 Hi community, I will describe briefly my situation, I have an RV320 that we will like to upgrade to an RV340.  This device is use mainly as our gateway.  The device has 2 connection only, WAN port is connected to our ISP provider and LAN 1 is connec...

RV320_Network_settings.JPG RV320_Vlan_Membership.JPG RV340_Vlan_settings.jpg RV340_Vlan_settings_ports.jpg
HectorG by Level 1
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I have started noticing that the MPLS VPN exit nodes respond to traceroute with the VRF address, and not the ingress address as I typically expect. From web searches I can find people mentioning this in passing. Does anyone know where this behavior i...

amarder by Level 1
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I can make outbound calls but I don't receive inbound calls Here is a copy of my debug voice ccapi all and debug ccsip and run config debug voice ccapi allPSTN#*Nov 7 16:09:22.583: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/CCAPI/cc_get_call_entry: CALL_ERROR_INFORMATIONAL; ...