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Cisco UCS X-Series Energy Efficiency Offer


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We are setting up more detailed monitoring of our datacenter switches.  One of the issues that came up is that while the SUP cpu usage is low, all of our linecards are showing 25-30% cpu.  What is considered high cpu for linecards?  Is there any way ...

Hello, experts. My customer want to get the SNMP GET results about the traffic rates in the specific ethernet interface like ethernet 1/31 and 1/32 from the Nexus device ex) 30 seconds input rate 3112 bits/sec, 1 packets/sec   30 seconds output rat...

junhong by Level 1
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what is the latest or recommended version of ucsm to upgrade to? I am running 2.2(1c) ucsm and I have mixed b200m2 and m3 and mixed vic cards like m81kr and vic 1280 can i upgrade the ucsm to 2.2(6E) and not keep running on older infrastructure fir...

Dragomir by Level 1
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Hello I have a UCS-E140S server that seems to have a problem saving the BIOS boot order settings.  I go into the IMC management page and can successfully adjust the BIOS boot order sequence but after some time the boot order sequence reverts back to ...

Hello All, I was working on a task to add a new link to the existing link running between Switch B,C and D. There was a an outage of 2 to 3 minutes for all the servers connecting behind the FW which in turn is connecting to the Nexus 5K. While troub...

for dual data center l2 network gateway  , we can use  FHRP localization for best traffic path, for data center A we are running topology like  FW-web-FW-app-FW-db,  and data center B , we are runnng same topology, and using l2 extent technology ext...

fly by Level 2
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Hi I have an ESXi host with 10G fibre uplinks to 2 x Nexus 5598 both Nexus are configured identical and associated ports/VPC show up. Ports/VPC are configured as access port and all looks well, however I am trying to understand the Bandwidth of the ...

Someone has any ideia? I have 2 N5K peers and 1 N7K peer in my Datacenter. The N7K is Switch Core and both N5K peers connected to it by VPC that I´ll call them (AB-01/AB-02) and (DE-01/DE-02). I have 4 servers in the N5K peer DE-01/DE-02 that works f...

joao.beca by Level 1
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Resolved! Adding to the core

Should not be to hard, I have tried several different configurations but, I'm looking for someone whom might have been in the same type of situation. Here is the scope. I have a small Data center and due to bad advice, I have 3 Cisco 3850's as my Cor...

jdamon113 by Level 1
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