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I have a Cisco branded Intel X550-T2 based NIC in one of my PCs (UCSC-PCIE-ID10GC), in Linux I can reach 10Gbit to both the internet and my NAS just fine, but in Windows 11 (it was the same under Windows 10 as well, just haven't had time to report it...

rekoil by Beginner
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Hello,    I'm having an issue with BGP sessions expiring. This issues seems to resolve itself after hours/days then works solidly for weeks before the issue then re-occurs and i'm drawing up a blank. All the iBGP sessions work without issues just the...

LewisD1 by Beginner
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Hey everyone,Looking for some advice. I've been in networking/security for some time now and thought of the idea of getting in to a more cloud solutions architect role. It looks quite interesting, and I've researched and analyzed a lot of the job pos...

papaku by Beginner
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Hi all,We are facing problem since last 15 days on our Cisco ucs-c480-m5 serverat first it is showing Critical F0310 sys/rack-unit-1/board powr sys flt after so many trouble shooting by ciscolike replacement of system board&chassis,CPU,cpu module bay...

On some of the older switches you can run a command like the one below to point to a server and a specific UDP/TCP port.logging host transport tcp port yyyyTrying to do the same on the Nexus but cannot find the command to do so.  usin...

trapasso by Beginner
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Hi, guys. I checked SEL on the B200 server as follows.And the server got Hang.Do you know why? |BIOS| Processor #0x00 | Configuration Error | | Asserted|CIMC| Processor CATERR_N #0x81 | Predicative Failure asserted | Asserted|CIMC| Platform alert LED...