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Boot Interruptions at beginning

Cisco 2960S 24TD-L switch boot interrupt at initial booting as follow.   Using driver version 1 for media type 1Base ethernet MAC Address: 04:da:d2:de:5b:80Xmodem file system is available.The password-recovery mechanism is enabled.   Please help

Enable store and forward on Cisco Switch

Hi all,Got bad link and need to enable a switch for store and forward on all interfaces. I am using a Cat 2950 using IOS 12.1what do I need to do to get this working. I know the command syntex "switching-mode store-and-forward" every time I use the c...

h5emu1234 by Beginner
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EEM auto change VLAN number

Hi All,EEM auto change VLAN, Catalyst 9000   I want to write a EEM for user auto change VLAN number,switch have VLAN  10,12,15,16,20,21switch port G1/0/1 default vlan 10, when user disconnect the cable connect to G1/0/1 it auto change to VLAN 12,next...

Resolved! firepower1120 upgrade fail

Cisco 1120 HA pair management be FMC 1600, FMC version is 7.0.1 with hotfix, FTD 1200 is new installed device the version is 6.4.1, why try upgrade to 7.0.1 there is a wrong message "Failure, Signature verification failed"upgrade to 6.6.4 ha...

Resolved! Remote Stack Cisco C9300-24s

Hello, I found that Cisco has a feature called StackWise-Virtual.  I tried to configure StackWise-Virtual in C9300,but an error occurs when I configure the interface:Switch(config)#int tenGigabitEthernet 1/1/1Switch(config-if)#stackwise-virtual link ...

gespanos by Beginner
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fiber cable

Hi,If I am laying cable in a campus building, which  fiber  mode ( single mode or multimode ) needs to be selected Thanks  

C3560E cisco switch

my CISCO C3560E switch not working with Router 1941 please can you help me,my configuration as followON ROUTERG0/0Ip address DHCPip nat outsideNot hutdownG0/10Ip address 255.255 255 252ip nat inside No shutdown Ip route ...

Zemede by Beginner
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