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LLQ Bandwidth Provisioning

Hi everyone, When provisioning bandwidth for the priority queue using the 'priority' command, is this an ABSOLUTE maximum that the priority queue can get? So say if none of the other bandwidth is being used, can the priority queue use this extra band...

Aileron88 by Beginner
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Can anyone help me to give full command for clustering with explanation and examples. Thanks in advance. I tried by myself but couldn't managed to make successful.

Oybek5557 by Beginner
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c3550 xmodem issue

Hi, I´m stuck with reanimation of a c3550-48 switch who died from a corrupted OS file. It seems to me that the xmodem operation is the source of trouble. I followed the document "Recovering Catalyst Fixed Configuration Switches from a Corrupted or Mi...

Monitoring Gateway interfaces

hi there   We are going to implement a new project, and we are looking for best monitoring tools for our gateways interfaces. We know about the CNA, solard winds etc. But just looking for recommendations.    Also, is there any way to monitoring gatew...

OSPF Adjacency Issue

Hello,   I am trying to pin point and ultimately resolve an intermittent OSPF adjacency issue. I have been looking at it for a little while now. Throughout my troubleshooting I had to turn on some ospf debugging, send the debugs to the log, and incre...

wade.jae1 by Beginner
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12 or 15 Code on older 3750v2

What is the best code to use on older 3750v2 and 3750e switches?  I noticed Cisco seems to recommend 12.2.55(SE11).  Is there any benefit to running 15.0.2(SE11)?  I don't want to hit memory or CPU issues, which I did read about on early version of 1...


I have been tasked with troubleshooting the cause of an HSRP 5 STATECHANGE that is happening intermittently between two production routers:   Feb 13 22:50:15.961: %HSRP-5-STATECHANGE: GigabitEthernet0/0 Grp 0 state Standby -> ActiveFeb 13 22:50:18.51...

wade.jae1 by Beginner
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3850 Stack IOS not staying on reboot

I have followed these instructions: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/switches/catalyst-3850-series-switches/117552-technote-cat3850-00.html   When a reboot is done, only one switch stays with the correct updated IOS. The other switch only c...

C3750G packet marking check command

I configured incoming packet marking based on ACL on 3750G-12S-E switch with latest 12.2-55.SE12.   The 'show policy-map interface' command shows zero counters and I have found this is normal behaviour on this platform and not a bug.  My question: is...

VladoK by Beginner
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c3750 catalyst and voip

I have a c3750 switch stack that has a voice vlan and will support voip phones.  It is a converged voip where the pc's link to the phones and the phones to the switch.   It is a hosted voip solution where the sip server is not on the local lan - but ...

mialbert by Beginner
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IP Helper Address on 3850

I am having issues with IP helper address,I dont get IP from my DHCP but able to ping gateway on the vlan interfaceMY DHCP SERVER ins on CentOSDHCP ip Router On 3850TrunkPort Mode Encapsulation Status Native vlan Gi1/0/3 ...

3850 STACK

Hi experts,   I have four brand news C3850-24T and I connect all data and power stacks but I see in switch 3 port 1 and switch 4 port 2 down but all cables are connect correct. Anyone can help to figure out why it shows down?   Switch# Role Mac Addre...