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We have connetced two 3850 in trunk with theree 2960 in ring network topology. And big question is. If is done on one switch configuration of NTP server. Can other switches take this adress from that one switch?   And what is the best configuration o...

kaktusss by Level 1
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After configuring SPAN, Wireshark was able to read ICMP packets (ping traffic) on the destination port that was sent across the configured source port, using an older PC.  However, another newer PC was unable to read the traffic, despite identical co...

Waterbird by Level 1
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Hello Community I am trying to implement what should be an easy configuration, but I am facing some problems. I just need to mark some packets from the hosts connected to my system. I have some C2960XR running 15.2(4)E6. working as layer 3 devices. I...

Resolved! vss and nexus

Hello all,   I wanted to migrate from cisco catalyst 6506 to cisco 4510 r+e and bring v.s.s up in a campus. so I have few questions regarding port channel config.   we have nexus 5k as downstream devices and is it good way to have all the downlinks t...


Hello community,   Hi have a Cisco Catalyst 6807-XL and some line cards as supervisor VS-SUP2T-10G, a module C6800-32P10G, a module WS-X6904-40G-2T, power supplies,...   I read the EoL https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/switches/cataly...

ma.romero by Level 2
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Quick question.   Should I be able to see the counters increment on a RSPAN monitoring port, see the example below, I have two destination ports going into ISE.  I have been having trouble with DHCP profiling.   I checked that all connections were up...

I have two ouside nodes. VPC2 and R6. I can ping from VPC1 to VPC2 and Can not ping from VPC1 to R6. Please help me. R4 - L2 IOU 15.2d ASAv - ASAv-971 R6 - L3 IOU 155-2.T ! !   https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jvHXyq5dmaUMJ__8jwpxYNmrlwUPjG55

Our goal is to mirror traffic from ports Ethernet6/16 on both Nexus to port Ethernet6/15 on 7k1-access.There is no problem for SPAN configuration for port Ethernet6/17 on 7k1-access, therefore I want to focus on other nexus. Ports Ethernet 6/17 are p...