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Resolved! IPSec Tunnel - Host-to-Host Ping

Hi all I have 2 sites connected via an IPSec tunnel. No dynamic routing, just crypto map on the interface & ACLs. Head Office is a 1941, address & subnet, Branch Office is an 867, address & subnet Both rout...

sam by Beginner
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N7K not able to detect SFP

Hi, We have a problem with the N7K not able to detect the sfp we inserted to certain ports on the module. For instance, on port e1/41 to e1/44 or e2/41 to e2/43 --> it is not working. The log did not have any messages that the sfp has been inserted t...

pokwan by Beginner
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Resolved! not able to create vlan on cisco4500

while creating a vlan why i'm not allowed to create vlans and keep on getting this below messageVTP VLAN configuration not allowed when device is not the primary server for vlan database.need a solution on urgent basisthankssalman

Slow througput

We have a LAN based on 6509 core routers and the new one with 6807 core routers. The cross-segments traffic speed between the two cores is much slower, about 50% slower, than the traffic within the cores. The AutoQos and class-map commands seem to be...

SFP-10G-SR= vs SFP-10G-SR-S= ??

Does anyone know what the technical difference is between these two SFP+ modules? Their function seems to be identical.,The only difference that I can easily find, is that the SFP-10G-SR= costs about $220 more than the SFP-10-SR-S= module:http://www....

Encryption issue with Cisco router 1941

Hi , This is our scenario : Poly com Video equipment ----------> firewall -------------> Cisco router ------------> ISP . Poly com video equipment ( )  is static nat with cisco router 1941  (110.110.X.X ) . In firewall not configured  ...

MANI .P by Beginner
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Intravlan netflow on 3850

Hello, We've set up netflow on our core switch and it works, we are capturing all inter-vlan traffic. We are also trying to get traffic that flows inside a vlan on an edge switch (that traffic does not reach the core switch). We are running 3850 wi...

Cannot erase flash:

Hello, I purchased a couple old 2600 routers to learn more at home.  I wanted to update the firmware and all went well on the first router.  On the second the router hangs on erash flash:  It will start showing e's and when it get's to five e's it ju...

Show PACL - Deny Any Any (XXX matches)

Hello, this is my first post and I hope I have it in the correct location.. I am attempting to solve who I am denying in my Extended MAC access list. permit host 0019.0f25.9dcf any    permit host 000b.aba3.af14 any    permit host 000b.aba1.ca08 any ...

TAC by Beginner
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SFP Compatibility question

Hello, we are your partner and have the following request. We use WS-C2960X-48TS-LL and WS-C3850-48T-E Catalyst Switch. My question is whether these models SFP are compatible with these models switches: 1. APS31123CDL20 - 1.25G 1310nm 20KM 2. ATOP ...

PoE and PoE plus

Hello, I have a SG-300 10PP switch ( PoE+ switch ) and I would like to operate a certain device on standard 802.3af ( PoE ) power. Even if i configure the port to supply a maximum on 15.4W the device still boots up on PoE+ mode. Is there something I ...