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Resolved! C9300 not saving config after upgrade

Hi AllJust got a pair of Cisco C9300 upgraded them to v.17.06.04And after a reload it is not saving my config.It doesn't give me any errors when saving and not issues if I do a full configuration.after a reload it's back to being erased.What am i mis...

Resolved! Cisco 3560 reset to factory default

hi, can any one help with this issue? could not connect to cisco 3560 , may be wrong start-up config/deleted. i want to reset it to factory setting so that i can restart to express set up: when trying with button mode, the LED's BLink but switch won'...

Soren09 by Beginner
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switch 2960X packet drop on queue

Hello,i have packet drops on one interface of a port channel group, int gig 0/23 and is increamenting around 160k drops per day, the other port in the channel group has 111 packet drops and is not increamenting.after check, i found that the drops is ...

Resolved! Switch ports doubt

Hello,I have a Cisco 2960 with 24 ports and 2 additional SPF+ ports.When checking the configuration, I see a total of 26 GigabitEthernet and also 2 TenGigabitEthernet ports. Total of 28 ports.Is it possible that port 25 and 26 are those TenGigabitPor...

bern46 by Beginner
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Changing a VLAN name on DNAC

Hi there,I have a vlan and IP address pool created for a company on my site. The company has now had a name change and they are asking for a VLAN with that name. Rather than complete the whole process again I was wondering if there's a way to change ...

dfjok53 by Beginner
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Nexus environment replacement

Hello all, In the near future I will get the task to renew the network hardware in the data center. So far we have two N5k with four N2k each as fabric extender in use. The two N5k are configured as vPc peers. Virtual machines and servers are connect...

louis22 by Beginner
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Resolved! Stay away from VTP?

I am new to VLANs and trunks. I had a conversation with an "expert" who told me that "no one uses VTP" and that if a switch gets replaced, that "it could take the whole network down". That seems absurd to me. Seems like if I had to replace a switch -...

Resolved! Cisco 9300 - Cmand Errors

Hello,I'm trying to boot from usbflash0 (IOS 17.3.5)and flash:packages.conf but having the below errors. %PMAN-3-PROCHOLDDOWN: R0/0: The process cmand has been helddown (rc 134) %PMAN-0-PROCFAILCRIT: R0/0: pvp: A critical process cmand has failed (rc...

CiscoReece by Beginner
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9200 multicast resources

seeing a lot of the following in our stacked 9200 switch logs%FED_L3M_ERRMSG-3-RSRC_ERR: Switch 4 R0/0: fed: Failed to allocate hardware resource for Adjacency - rc:FED_L3_MCAST_OUT_OF_RESOURCESif I run show platform hard fed switch active fwd-asic r...