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hello dear prof! i have running now in me little network a Mailserver, please i don't knowhow to open the port 25,110 on me Cisco 1841 so that this Email-Serverwith the static address in internal Network are reachable from the hole world. i have conf...

mauric by Beginner
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Hi all, Okay so I have the following problem. I have a stack. Member 1 - 2960-S and member 2 is a 2960-X. Originally I had all ethernet cables plugged into member 1. This evening member 1 failed so I removed all the ethernet cables and plugged them ...

I am trying to access a Cisco 350XG switch via ssh . The switch is used in a test environment inside a SCIF with no outside access.  We are using for our range I attempted to ssh to the switch but could not connect.  I was told the sw...

SJNIII by Beginner
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Hello, We currently have all of our VLANs routing via a route all statement. But, we need to create an isolation VLAN that can be trunked. The purpose of this VLAN is for security cameras, door locks, heating system, etc. We do not want to this VLAN...

Hello, My LAN network abruptly stopped connecting to the internet. I have no idea why and it's frustrating. Some devices cannot even connect to the LAN network talk more of the internet. Attached here is the config. I use a cisco 1941 router, which i...

buzzhani1 by Beginner
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I got a Catalyst 500 express switch and I cannot add new device on a secondary switch (tp-link non-managable). The port on CAT500 is already set to the mode 'switch'.  I tried to move to another port but no success. The new device is 8416.f9c7.7dbd i...

infos by Beginner
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Hello, I would like to filter traffic on single VLAN on C6500 (software 12.2(33)SXJ4). There are 2 endpoints connected directly to the switch, gateway on another device. My configuration is pretty simple: mac access-list extended macl-host-separation...

Hi all I'm trying to get my CCNA certification and I'm trying to make lots of test to check if my level is good enough. One of the question I have some doubts is the following: Question: When configuring an EtherChannel bundle, which mode enables LA...