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IOS Upgrade

I am looking to upgrade my company swicthes which consist of 29601's and 3750's. When I upgrade the IOS will it have any effect on the existing config or will it just over write the IOS version. Thanks

Resolved! port mirroring

Hi, just want to ask how do you verify if 2 ports were successfully configured as port mirroring? We've setup 2 ports in our 3750 L3 switch by typing in the command below: monitor session 1 source interface gigabitethernet Gi0/16 monitor session 1 s...

TECH-JEFF by Beginner
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Router password recovery.

Hi, I have forgot my user name and password. Kindly help me out to unlock this. Router Cisco 2901  User Access Verification Username: adminPassword: % Authentication failed Username:Password:

karinn001 by Beginner
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Hi! Due to an slot issue with our 4507, we had to ask for a RMA to the whole chassis. We have received the new chassis, and planning to move all the linecards/2 supervisors to this new chassis, My question is: do I have to be concerned about licensi...

Cisco 867VAE-K9 router rip

Cisco 867VAE-K9 router rip not redistributing when other side on Alcatel router has authentication-type message-digest-long. Is it some kind of bug. And if I put message-digest on Alcatel router, on cisco side it gives me invalid authentication. Here...

Resolved! Registry issue Catalyst 4500x

I am unable to change the registry entry on my Catalyst 4500x. It continues to show on the next reboot is will be using registry 0x2302. I entered the following commands and I continue to get the same results. Does anyone have any idea how to correct...

Cisco 2960CX and Cisco IP Phones 7821

Hello; I have a Cisco Catalyst 2960CX, configure vlan 1 data and vlan 2 voice. When I connect a phone it is grabbing an IP address from the data vlan and not the voice vlan. Cisco 891F ----> Catalyst 2960CX 891F - Trunk interface, vtp mode server, ...

10GB Port & Jumbo Frames

Hello,  I was wondering if someone could shed a light on whether jumbo frames should be configured on an 10GB interface or not really required.  Thanks in advance.  Best, ~zK 

zekebashi by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Aggregation and DHCP IP-Helper

Hi All, I have a problem to assign dynamic IP from a Microsoft DHCP to VLANs. I have installed a cisco 3650 with interVlan configuration. I have configured the dhcp ip helper under every SVI and also th ip routing between VLANs. I have configured an ...