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Hello Community, We have this network diagram below. We have existing VLAN 1 - 192.168.1.X /24 and works fine. All workstation can connect to internet. I have added new VLAN 40 on SG500 switch but not getting internet connection.  Here is my co...

Hi guys, What is the best practice for VTP configuration mode between : two core switches 6509 and 50 edge switches 2960.? Is it good to make core in transparent mode and edge sw with server mode? Thanks Mohammad

Hi All Can you advise will the following technologies GRE tunneling, multicast, ospf and L2tpv3 cause any kind of resource utilization (cpu usage , memory usage) than the nominal %age while using the given IOS image c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M3 ...

Hi Everyone I got 2 questions regarding Identity NAT on an ASA version 8.2 I've got to configure Identity NAT for a whole segment lets say and the way i'm going to do it its the next one static (CORE,inside) 10....

fersherls by Level 1
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Hello Everyone I have 4500-x with all 10g interfaces and ASR1001-X with 1g interface and i have connectivity between them so how can i communicate these two different interfaces so that there will be communication between them any help please?

henokk601 by Level 1
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I downloaded a new IOS that said IP base w/ crypto because I was unable to enable ssh on the old IOS.  However when I try to run the crypto key generate command I get the invalid input message. I did a show ver:Switch#sh versionCisco IOS Software, C3...

On a 3750 with C3750-IPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.2(55)SE5, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)   getting the following message : %ILPOWER-3-CONTROLLER_PORT_ERR: Controller port error, Interface Fa5/0/33: Power Controller reports power Imax error detected - what...

Hallo zusammen, nach einer Änderung am Webinterface des Switches bootet dieser immer wieder neu - siehe auch Protokoll über das Hyperterminal. Leider ist auch kein zurücksetzen auf Werkseinstellungen nicht mehr möglich. Bitte um kurze Info was ich hi...

Hello everyone,   I have one question. Situation is that we have few VLAN's.   VLAN 1 VLAN 2 Etc.   Default IP addresses in VLAN 1 are, and VLAN 2 are etc.. (DHCP)   Because of needs we have in VLAN 1 server (gateway...