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Please bare with me. I'm a newbie. I'm a junior entry level engineer. Migrating some devices from several smaller subnets /26 to a new /24 subnet. Senior engineers told me to have a plan to migrate these devices over since we won't be able to do thi...

Matty Ray by Beginner
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Dear all, I tried to configure remote access VPN on Cisco router 1901, but it does not work. The interface tunnel 1 on router status is Up - Down. Could anyone please check my configuration file and help me to correct it ? Thank you all, Lam

1. Let's say I have 2 subnets , and, i want to configure interfaces 0/1 to 0/12 to VLAN1 to cater for and interfaces 0/13 to 0/20 to cater for, the traffic from VLAN1 can communicate to VLAN...

z080236 by Beginner
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Hello all, I was wondering if someone could answer me the below log that i have noticed and i am not quite sure what it is.2016 Jun 22 13:42:12     %KERN-2-SYSTEM_MSG: eth0: MAC1 errors: tx_overflow=0 tx_parity=0 rx_parity=0 rx_fifo=0 - kernel Than...

I have Cisco 3750X switch that we've used for a while. I've turned off telnet access but I can console and ssh into it just fine. Recently I've been asked to get the Web GUI accessible. I search on EE and found this question: Cisco 3750x Web interfac...