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Packet Capture on Cisco ASA

Hi All Im looking to see what ports my devices are talking on outbound (the internet). I wanted to run a Packet capture for this I created an object-group rfc1918 access-list CAP extended permit ip object-group rfc1918 any capture CAPIN access-l...

ACL Query

Folks, Hope u guys can help with this. We have 2 vlans, VLAN20 and VLAN21 On the subnet we have an extended acl inbound. There is no acl on VLAN21 I want to allow clients on VLAN21 to access a server 19...


Hi, I have activated the evaluation licenses in Cisco 4500 sup 7-le switch but now want remove the below licenses. Please find the below output and help us. StoreIndex: 0 Feature: entservices Version: 1.0 License Type: Evaluation Evaluation total p...

S.ashok S by Beginner
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Restrict Internet Access

hi, I have a radio link connection to another office from my office. We are on the same vlan on the same switch. I want to restrict them internet access but still grant them access to other services and also internal web application. can this be don...

Service Module Session

I am configuring SPAN on catalyst 6509. As per the show monitor command I have one session that is running for local span that i can understand but other is Service module session: Session 80----------Type                   : Service Module SessionM...

30W POE+ on WS-X6148E-GE-45AT

We have a 6506-E with VS-S2T-10G supervisor engine with 15.1(02) IOS. The WS-X6148E-GE-45AT is in slot 3. WS-X6148E-GE-45AT should support POE+. But in the comannder line I can see the port max power is 15.4W. I try to use (config-if)>power inline st...

Alan Yee by Beginner
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Resolved! WHY NOT? Port-Channel over catalyst C3750 and Cisco 7206VXR (NPE-G2) not share equitably traffic for all Interface

Dear Community Support I have running a Port-Channel over catalyst C3750 and Cisco 7206VXR (NPE-G2) join between then three cable: 7206:Gi0/1   ------------------- C3750: Gi1/0/3          Gi0/2   -------------------              Gi1/0/4          Gi0...

use of 'service nagle' in todays environment

Was doing some reading, and as you know service nagle was always  recommended in the past for congestion of small packets, particuarly as  related to telnet sessions on the routers.  I have read where service  nagle could be an issue with real-time t...

One way Ping?!?

I have an unusual problem that has me stumped. I have two nodes, the first is a VCenter server running on a Windows 2k8 box with an IP address of The second is a Cisco B-Series blade attached to a 2900 series router with a manageme...

Nay-Sayer by Beginner
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packets stuck in Input queue

Hi , I have a router 7200 ,I can see on a specific interface packet stuck in the input queue 55/75/6/0 even this interface is not used and there is no traffic passing through ,I found some failures in the buffers ,any suggestions guys ,any aware if t...

malshara by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! 4500x Upgrade through ISSU

Hi, I have two 4500x switches contected  via VSS. I am planning two upgrade their IOS. It seems upgrade via ISSU is bit tricky. Can someone guide which method i should follow (With or without ISSU) detailed steps? Thanks