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Hi I have a cisco 4507 .  different vlans are there for diff dept/nw as 101 for a, 102 for b 103 for c, 104 s, 105 for t  the ip add of 105 is the ip add for 104 is my requirments are, 1.i dont want to ...

I have a router running OSPF and have it set to redistribute connected and static routes. I would like to add a static route to a router but not have this particular route redistribute, while all others still do. How can i accomplish this on my 7609?...

Sighclops by Beginner
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i have 2 core switchs L3 catalyst 3650 named core 1 and core 2 the problem is i have internet on the switch it self i can ping from the switch and i can also ping source vlan x i have double nat 1st on the dsl modem and second on the ...

Hi All, Looking to purchase two Cisco WS-C3850-48T-S with C3850-NM-4-10G modules. All four modules per switch will be populated with SFP-10G-SR= 10G SFP modules. Before proceeding with the purchase, im keen to obtain clarity on the following; Two of ...

Hi All,   I am new to TCL scripting and seeking your help for below requirement     I have to change vlans in training rooms twice in a day (Morning & in evening at particular time frame) and this is hitting me badly as sometime I get late and gettin...

Hi, I am configuring Port base authentication on Cisco catalyst 2960X switch. But i am getting following error while i connect laptop on this port and getting no ip address. Dot1X status is fialed over. Nov 22 08:09:54.270: %AUTHMGR-5-START: Starti...

techguy by Enthusiast
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Vlan 2 is releasing the vlan 3 IP address. Configuration.... interface Vlan2 description MAM ip address ip helper-address standby 2 ip standby 2 preempt ! interface Vlan3 description CC ip address 172...

chakarav7 by Beginner
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what is the diffrence between S380XVT-15403S  Cisco ME 380X SERIES IOS UNIVERSAL W/O CRYPTO TAR and S380XVK9T-15403S  Cisco ME 380X SERIES IOS UNIVERSAL TAR ?

Hello all, Since this morning, I am having problems accessing internet and I dont know why.. I have a cisco 2900 router as dhcp server to give access to a LAN pool /24, moreover we need to do PAT translation to a coorporate LAN 172.17....

gmolinero by Beginner
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Hi Please see the attached diagram. I have Site1 and Site 2. Site 2 is a pure DC whereas Site 1 has users and some servers. These servers may get moved to the DC eventually. Site 1 and Site 2 have 2 paths. I want to control my routing over both lin...

Mokhalil82 by Enthusiast
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