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im trying to connect my DHCP Server to the clients, I'm a beginner and followed someyoutuve turtorials but with no luckI have made two sub-interfaces and used ip-helper in my router and encap( the ip helper matches the DHCP server ip too) yet clients...

I have a lab in a remote location, which is, as of now, accesible via console router. I want to connect this to production network, so that i am able to access without the console router. The physical setup would be likeCore --- Distribution ---- Acc...

kiran_m01 by Beginner
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We are having to use BACNet for some building automation devices. They are on the same VLAN. There is a server that monitors all the devices. It is showing many 'duplicate device ids' in it's reports. When we plug the server into a simple switch with...

I have a few old switches being used for ilo. A scan found an http injection vulnerability. I need to disabled the http server on these switches but I can't for life of me figure out how they are enabled... There are three switches configured like th...

is it misconfiguration in Access Point's access switch or hacker attack from this switch? many MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF Host 0015.5dc1XXX VLAN 1 is flapping between port 1 and port 2many MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF Host 0015.5dc2XXX VLAN 1 is flapping between p...

martlee2 by Cisco Employee
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At Cisco Live! 2013 Orlando a mention was made which I understood to mean that by turning off the stacking ports of a Catalyst 3850 the switch would not wait for stack discovery but proceed with the boot sequence (by virtue of knowing the topology i....

Toivo by Beginner
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Dear , I had a small flashing on my computer Catalyst 4500 L3. In reviewing the log , I throw the following: PIM -5 - NBRCHG : neighbor on interface Vlan2106 non DOWN DR. Any idea what is this log ?

irocha_27 by Beginner
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