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Hi guys, I have read that the poe function on the C2960 is automatic and already set. so i plugged in a unifi poe AP and it didnt light up on the AP and no indication light on the switch port as well.Am i missing anything ?

On the Cisco switch, what is the difference betweenLast input never, output never, output hang neverLast input never, output 1w6d, output hang never I need to know how many ports were never used so that we can reduce number of switches in the stack. 

uppermost by Level 1
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Hello, I've a curiosity how can i show the vtp password from a switch of serie 9000 (9200/9300), I tried: switch#sh vtp password (doesn't show the password)VTP Password is configured.switch#more flash:vlan.dat  (Usually is shown at first line)0000000...

hfaisca by Level 1
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I am running a full switching network.  My cores are all 9504 and my access layers are all 9200 and 9300s.  I have approx 50 vlans.  All vlans can see and ping each other and there is nothing filtering traffic.  Every guide I can find is from way bac...

Hi,I have BPDU guard on all my access ports on the network.  I dont usually allow hubs to be plugged in but i need to allow a netgear hub to connect to one of my ports for a short time.  I set the port to default configuration so it doesnt have BPDU ...

ohareka70 by Level 3
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Hii am having a stack of 4 catalyst switches and is configured for ssh remote access. All of a sudden the ssh connection is getting refused and on the firewall (which is my gateway) i am seeing TCP reset from server.Since the devices are located remo...