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Hi Guys, We have recently bought 2 x cisco Nexus C5548 UP switches. they are running firmware code : 5.2(1)N1(4) and I want to upgrade them to 5.2(1)N1(8).However, when I try to upload a the kickstart file and firmware to the switch  I get the the fo...

I inherited a closed Cisco development network in a Data Center. The administrator(s) who originally set it up used a lot of static routes. They caused a lot of issues before I had to diagram of the network and understood the signal flow. In the begi...

Hi all, I'm having issues with a simple router on a stick lab. i'm having problems communicating between hosts on seperate vlans. the router is a 3845 and the switch is a 3750.hostname LABROUTER!boot-start-markerboot-end-marker!!enable secret 4 tnhtc...

daiprice5 by Level 1
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I have a stack with 3 ws-C3850-48T switches.They are running 3.3.4SE firmware.Installed 12 sept this year.Yesterdag the stack suddently rebootet.To day they have just rebootet Again.Are there a more stable version ?

pbuch by Level 1
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Dear All,we have 2 Switches where (because of a bad documentation) we're not sure if we can delete vlans xxx and yyy. No port on these Switches hasthese vlans assigned but they are still on the trunk and NOT pruned and jt could well be that these Swi...

I have a 2621XM router which is running c2600-advipservices 12.4(24) and the output of Router# show telephony-serviceindicates that CME is at version 3.2.3, I was under the impression that CME was part of the IOS and that at 12.4(20) it was at ver 4....

Good morning,  We currently have two 2960 switches in non stacking confguration each with their own config. What I was wondering is what happends if i then stack the two together? Will the config on the secondary be wiped or will it simply merge so a...