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Hi,I'm trying to activate call-home feature on Catalyst 4506-E switch. I have SUP7L-E. All commands releated to call-home are missing? Do I need to upgrade or what should do the trick? Version details below.Thank you,Petri############################...

Their is one wierd issue that I am having. I have a port which is configured as access vlan for a server. It was working before but since the server team has reset the nic the ip on that nic is not pingable. The port is showing up and mac is learning...

Hi,Can someone help me with the cisco command to see the routes from a specific neighbor.I know that we can use the command "sh ip bgp" to see the the routes but I am looking for command to see the routes only for x.x.x.x neighbor. ThanksAhmed   

Hi All,  I trying to configure ip pim sm or ip pim dm in core swith for iptv but its not taking the commands ip multicast-routing is enabled.Vlan 30:  --------IGMP snooping                       : EnabledCAPWAP enabled                      : Disabled...

HI,platform: WS-C3560X-24T-EOS version:15.2(2)ESwitch 1 is the Standby,with priority set at 90Switch 2 is the Active,with priority set at 110Hello time timer: 3 second (default)Hold time timer : 10 second (default)Both switches are up and operational...

Chen Gu by Level 1
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I have update the firmware of a Cisco Catalyst 2960S-48TS-L from 12.2(58)SE2to 15.0(2)SE1and now the  switch just keeps rebooting with error:..done Initializing flashfs.Checking for Bootloader upgrade..Boot Loader upgrade not required (Stage 2)%Softw...

steisskal by Level 1
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Hi,as part of my studies, i have to configure dynamic VLANSs (MAC address to switch port) on Packet tracerthen i tried to set a VMPS server but it doesn't work ( i think VMPS server is not available in packet tracer )does anyone have an idea to set t...

I've added a stack of two 3650's to my existing network as follows:Watchguard XTM 510 managing 3 VLANs (1,25,50) with trunked connection to the 3650 stack (switchport mode trunk) on Gi1/0/1-2 and also have DHCP services enabled for each VLAN segmentE...

uwlmadmin by Level 1
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Hi all,I`m struggling to fully understand some important piece of interface VLAN concept .It is a reason of configuring interface VLAN on multilayer switch. I guess I know the difference between Vlan and Interface Vlan, however can`t get the pieces t...

radim0754 by Level 1
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Hi All, I would like to ask if you have see following error message and if it is realated to problem below..Aug 24 18:15:56 core.schmid.local 753: Aug 24 18:15:55: %FIB-2-FIBDISABLE: Fatal error, slot 41/0 (41): XDR disabled                  At the...