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Hi EveryoneHappy New Year!We have Client they have DMVPN network from 3 offices to Central hub site.One office has 10MB Wan connection from the ISP to Hub site and it is new setup.Router port connected to ISP is hard coded as full duplex and speed of...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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                   Hi Everyone,I know how passive interface default works in EIGRP.I need to confirm below say we havese0/0/0no ip addressse0/0/0.10ip address x.x.x.xRouter eigrp 100passive interface defaultno passive interface se0/0/0I ...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Hi all,I have a Cisco 2811 I am having issues with. I am trying to login to the webpage, but it will not accept any user name or password combo I try. Anyone got some ideas?Thanks!I get :"level_15_access"CISCO-2811#sh run | be line vtyline vty 0 4 ex...

Hi,I have just been given a Cisco C881GW+7-E-K9 to configure.  I am unable to find a quick guide or anything to help me on the Cisco website.  Is there some secret way to take the cover off to insert the SIM?  Also is there anywhere that might have a...

Hi all, The throughput of 2960x Lan base switches is 216 Gbps. Now lets consider its 24 port version. There are total of 24 ports plus 2 optional 10G uplinks. 24 x 1G ports = 24 G2 x 10G ports = 20 GTotal of 44 Gbps. Then what about 216 - 44 = 172 Gb...

Jonn cos by Level 4
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Hi,In our campus we are getting high cpu due to some snmp process, but cpu spike only for 15 to 20 seconds.is there any chance to capture the pcap in switch during that spike time(cpu 80 to 100%) only ?Kindly help on this issueRegards,Arun

AK002 by Level 1
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hello experts,can anyone advice regarding below generated error from the log info of cisco 2921/K9 router          ?%IOS_LICENSE_IMAGE_APPLICATION-6-LICENSE_LEVEL: Module name = c2900 Next reboot level = ipbasek9 and License = ipbasek9much appreciate...

Hello,What happen when I have acl group configured on the interface and route-map on the BGP? i.e. interface fastethernet 0/0description to the INTERNETip address access-group AAA inrouter BGP 1000neighbor remo...

hi allI am using cisco 2511 to telnet to other devices.the problem is after one or two hours, I loss the connection with the devices and I have to reload the Access Server, then it gets work.this is the running config of the Access Server (cisco 2511...

HI,I have 2 x 3650 stack switch using as core switch and 42 x 2960 switch using as user lan. I got the problem about the EhterChannel. Since the 3650 can support 48 etherchannel, but 2960S only support 6 etherchannel. 3650:SW101#sh int port-channel ?...