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                   helloI am using a quality of service policy outbound on a symmetrical 4Mbs interfacethe link shows rx  utilisation  average  144/255 with low  tx average  24/255my policy map sets a bandwidth figure of 800 for my default class poli...

svbyrne by Beginner
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Hello,I was wondering if I need to add a static routes or ospf In order for my two routers in gre tunnel to communicate?I ask cause once I configured my tunnel, I seethe protocol for my tunnel is down and I have no route In my "sh ip route for destin...

Starting with version 15.0(2)SG, the 4500 catalyst is able to do private vlans over etherchannel.  The configuration guide for that gives an example of how to configure the etherchannel interface, but has no reference to how to configure the individu...

jkeeffe by Explorer
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Quick question and really maybe silly, but it's bugging me terribly.When I SSH into my C3750-48PS switch, I get the weird "line 1" error immediately after connecting.        [kcox@gimli ~]$ ssh kcox@10.xx.xx.xxPassword:   HAUPPAUGE-SW-1 line 1   HAUP...

kerryjcox by Beginner
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Hello,I apologize in advance for what probably is very basic questions. I am new to Cisco and the network side of thingsI have a 2950 24 port switch and I wanted to practice updating it's IOS using my TFTP server. It has no config on it currently, I ...

dcanady55 by Beginner
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Hello All, I've configured a Cisco Catalyst 3550 L3 Switch with the below configs. We have a router that is setup by our ISP with is and the L3 switch is set to /24. When I put users in vlans, they will have access with no iss...

I'm trying to RD some static routes from my Core L3 switch to a router on the same Ethernet Segment. Diagram attached. They have formed an adjacency no problem.On my core I basically don't want it learning anything, only want it to RD its statics. I ...

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi to all,I've enable ip device tracking on some ports with these commandsSwitch(config)# ip device trackingSwitch(config)# interface fastEthernet 4/3 or Gigabitethernet 1/0/48  eccSwitch(config-if)# switchport mode access Switch(config-if)# switchpo...

I was trying to configure an old cisco WS-C3548-XL switch but after connecting to console I am not getting any output on the console window. I tried restarting the switch a few time but nothin gon the screen. 1-2 times it showed a line of garbled tex...

hi,i have to configure 2901 cisco router with a vdsl module to run VDSL2 (PTM mode).i prepared the config:!controller VDSL 0/2/0!!!interface Ethernet0/2/0 no ip address!  !!       interface Ethernet0/2/0.1200encapsulation dot1Q 1200 pppoe enable pppo...

gass12345 by Beginner
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