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Resolved! Using autonomous-system under Router EIGRP on VRF

                   Hi everyone,When we user VRF  on Router  we config it as belowrouter eigrp 33auto-summary!address-family ipv4 vrf SALESredistribute connectedredistribute static   no auto-summaryautonomous-system 33 ********************************...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! STP Bandwidth Cost Formula ?

Can anyone pl tell me the formula for calculating STP cost? How cost of 19 is arrived for 100Mbps interface & 4 is arrived for 1Gbps interface? Is there is any Formula or it is Pre-define values in the Switc ?

inderdeeps by Enthusiast
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Resolved! GLC-LH-SMD working with GLC-LH-SM

Hi All,  Is it OK to have a GLC-LH-SMD at one end and GLC-LH-SM at the other end of the fibre? I couldn't find any information so would appreciate if someone can confirm that this supported and there are no known issues.CheersAtul

Atul Pawar by Beginner
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vlans and internet access sharing

i am trying to set up a cisco 2950 with a vlan to seperate all of the pos machines on the network (4 of them) from all other machnes in the building (3 hard wired and wi-fi).  i was going to use vlan 1 as a trunk to allow internet access to go from f...

kanaitpro by Beginner
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Resolved! IP sla is not working

Hi i am facing a huge problem in IPSLA in cisco 3650 switch, problem is my track is now being down at the time of link failure. thats why static route is not inappear from routing table.here is the configuration file,track 422 ip route

Resolved! Accessing LAN computer over the internet

My workplace computer is over the LAN and has local ip address and is connected to internet via a common gateway. If I want to connect to my workplace PC from my home PC using ssh or any other remote access method, How can I do that ? Assuming that s...

Modules Operating temperature and Major Error on 6509E switch

Hello,we have two 6509E which are configured in VSS mode with the following modules in each:  1   48  CEF720 48 port 10/100/1000mb Ethernet    2    8  DCEF2T 8 port 10GE                       3    4  CEF720 4 port 10-Gigabit Ethernet       5    5  Su...

Resolved! STP Indirect Topology Change

Hello guys,I have some questions regarding a particular STP topology. This is related to 802.1d protocol.The topology is as bellow:I have shutdown the port between R2 and R1, so temporarily R2 has lost its root port.In this particular case, because o...

Cisco 3640 Router Hang problem

Hi,The Cisco 3600 series (3640) is hanged during booting proccess,the IOS is decompressed, but after some text it hanges and I even cannot go to user exec. I try the ROMmon and bypassing the config setting,but the result is still the same. any sugges...

MC-LAG configuration

Hi All,Need an urgent help, does cisco switch 3560 or 3750 supports MC-LAg ? if yes, then on what IOS? if no, then what are the devices which supports MC-lag?Thanks, Vikas