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L1 loop on cisco 2960

hey.i am trying to monitor some UPS equipmeant,for that i am using a cisco 2960 switch and when the UPS is down it sends a L1 loop.when the switch detects the loop the int in which the UPS is conected to will get a link and go up.now my problem is th...

separate internet gateway for a given vlan

In my scenario, I have a layer 3 switch acting as my core/root bridge/vtp server for around 30 vlans. On it I've defined the gateway of last resort to be the lan IP address of my internet firewall. I've brought in a new internet connection and new fi...

Spanning-tree in access-port

Good MorningI consider my question relatively basic, but I could not find in Internet a definitive and trusty answear.In an environment containing a switch with an access-port (not trunk) and a device X connected to this port, even in access mode, we...

Error Messages and Performance Issue Switch 6509

Hello, we have a chassis 6509 with this inventory:------------------ show module ------------------Mod Ports Card Type                                              Model              ---    -----    --------------------------------------             ...

rpastrana by Beginner
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Cisco WLC to FEX connection brings LLDP Log Messages

Hello Team,I´ve migrated a Cisco WLC connection from a 6509 to a Nexus FEX 2248. The connection is a 2x1 GBE copper Channel. After Migration the WLC still works fine, however I see sometimes LLDP messages on the Nexus as follows:%LLDP-FEX103-3-DETECT...

alf by Beginner
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Resolved! cisco 3750 stack cpu utilisation

Hi!i have two cisco 3750 in stackfirts, master switch have all swports busysecond have only 5how can i see cpu utilizations of the second switch, and its reasonable to move somme devices from first switch to second fordeacreases of cpu and memory uti...

euandrian by Beginner
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Resolved! Catalyst 4500 ordering

Hi all, This question seems stupid but pls guide me. When we are selecting 4500 switch (for example) as per customer needs, its 10 GE cards dont come with sfp adapters ( as told by my colleague). I want to know is it mentioned in any particular docum...

Jonn cos by Enthusiast
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DHCP snooping implementation question

Hi,Can anyone help me and verify my configuration?My customer has the following topology. They have thousands of remote sites like this. all have 1 adsl and mpls router, they are running hsrp, mpls is the primary. DHCP servers in the head quaters, 1 ...

evfodor by Beginner
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Resolved! 3750-X with IOS 15.0(1)SE3

Hi Community,I recently had some CPU util problems on my 3750-X. The root cause were too many open TCP sessions, which brought the average CPU utilization to 85%. After some research I found a post in the CSC about the IOS 15.0(1). It said, that high...

Portchannel between 3750 switches

hiSwitch A connects to Swich B and C using port channel. I am going to bring down one link on each. switch A is server farm , switch B and C are core 01 and 02 . and all are 3750 switches.1. what will be the impact on the network in terms of spanning...

TGF_Cisco by Beginner
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Redistribution with ACL confusion

I have the following network. This question is only about redistribution from OSPF into EIGRP on R1.The redistribution is being done as follows (on R1 only):router eigrp 2redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPFtoEIGRPnetwork 1...

Resolved! lacp etherchannel

Hi,We have a single 4500 connecting to two non-cisco devices. We need to enable port channelling or link aggregation between these two.The links are carrying mulitple vlans , hence are trunked and the ip address on either side is used for routing.Fro...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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