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show ip ospf border-routers

R2#sh ip ospf border-routersOSPF Process 1 internal Routing Table Codes: i - Intra-area route, I - Inter-area routeI [11] via, Ethernet2/0, ASBR, Area 2, SPF 3i [10] via, Ethernet2/0, ABR, Area 2, SPF 3...

solemdoms5 by Beginner
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IPV6 Flood Storm?

We are experiencing an issue that maybe this forum can shed some light.Every morning for about 30 minutes my users complain of a network slowdown.  We just installed a 6500 Cisco core Switch about two months ago and this is when the issue "started". ...

cheapcco1 by Beginner
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PBR Problem.....Help

route-map TEST permit 10 match ip address TEST set ip next-hop recursive set ip default next-hop route want traffic TEST , first go to , and is learned via EIGRP , not directly connected , so...

Resolved! ospf,asbr in nssa and default route

Hi everybodyPlease consider the following example:rip- f0/0----R1----nssa area 1--------R2.R1 is an asbr in nssa.R1router ospf 1area 1 nssaR1 routing table is shown below"R when i configured "...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Resolved! why not use broadcast subnet.

Hi everybodyI am just wondering why don't we use broadcast subnet when we can use it. For examplewe have a subnet f0/0ip address f0/0ip address 172.16.240...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Resolved! Can I configure a switch to use a specific SVI or does the switch chooses it automatically?

I have a 6509 VSS. This switch is configured with a Management VLAN called SWITCH_MANAGEMENT with this IP address which i expect it to display in all neighbour switches when i do show cdp neighbour details.VLAN Name                    ...

Configuring SF300-48

Good day!We've got cisco sf-300-48 switch, it's actually my first management switch, i've configured cisco routers from cli but with this switch i'm stuck.Honestly the task is simple: one wire comes from cisco 881w and all other ports should be for c...

VSS SNMP Monitoring

I have two 6509E's configured with VSS.  In this configuration, is it possible to monitor the CPU and memory of each switch independently using SNMP?Thanks                 

routercpu by Beginner
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Logging trap informational

Hi Friends,I have a small doubt. As per Cisco documentation, the Interface up/down transitions and system restart messages are displayed at the notifications level. So, the command 'logging trap informational' should provide any interface transition ...

AmitLohumi by Beginner
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Connecting various subnets

Hello everyone, I am new to networking and was wondering if someone could explain to me how switch/router handles multiple subnets.Lets say i have 3 subnets/ip ranges mentioned below10.0.0.1 to   to   t...