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Hi all,I was a little confused about switch flooding and broadcast, are they the same thing? Broadcast is actually frame with Des.MAC = ALL FF. Let's say a switch port got a unicast but the SW CAM doesn't contain a match entry, then it will flood the...

Hi Everyone,I have 2 switches running HSRP A is active and B is standby.A and B both have vlan 10.A and B have both trunk connection to Layer 2 switch which has vlan 10.When i do traceroute from Standby B switch to layer 2 Switch Vlan10 IP 192.168.10...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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I acquired a 3750 48-port with PoE.  It is replacing a 24-port SG300-28P (I ran out of ports).  Devices that are receiving power from the switch are:2 x Cisco SPA525G23 x Cisco SPA501G2 x Cisco VC240 IP Cameras1 x iQInvision 32M IP Camera1 x WAP2001 ...

Todd Vohs by Beginner
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Hey everyone, hoping someing can shed some light on this scenario. I have a Cisco router setup with two dhcp pools (Corporate and Guest) as such:ip dhcp pool Corporate   network   default-router    dns-server 8.8.8...

Ricky S by Participant
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I don't know what happened but during the uninstall of Cisco Configuration Professional 2.5 to 2.6, the program hangs after router discovery, after clicking on ANY configuration in the tree-list.  I've uninstalled Java, the CP, deleted folders, and r...

I am facing issue with nexus 7010 login authentcation by radius server. I have two nexus 7010, one of them is working perfectly. Other taking long time to authenticate. If i use local database to login it works perfectly. It works fine also  if i log...

I would like to upgrade the firmware on my SRW224G4 switch but I don't know which file I should be using.  When I go to download firmware I see links for the following"Cisco SRW224G4 24-port 10/100 + 4-port Gigabit Switch - WebView"Which has firmware...

Dear All,I have a Cisco switch 4510R+E with SUP7-E.  Due to new requirement we are planning to add 3nos 12 port 10g-  WS-X4712-SFP+E Catalyst 4500 E-Series 12-Port card on the switch.I would like to know whether we can add 3 nos 12 port 10g-  WS-X471...

Shibu1978 by Beginner
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Hello,I am trying to understand the basics of DHCP snooping.  I have a just a 3560 switch and a laptop ( to get a DHCP address) and my DSL router which has a DHCP server running.  On the switch I have enabled "IP DHCP Snooping" and "IP DHCP Snooping ...

Andy White by Participant
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Hello,  According to this documentation, my DHCP relay switch (ip helper-address on my 6509 core) will need the “Enabling the DHCP Option-82 on Untrusted Port Feature.” However, the same document later notes that I should not "enter the ip dhcp snoop...

hburton by Beginner
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