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Hi,I'm trying to configure a QoS feature on catalyst 3750E (IOS 12.2(52)SE) to do the following:* mark incomming packets from the server (just only from TCP ports 5432 and 54321) to dscp 21;* all other TCP traffic from this server do nothing...

Resolved! ARP issue?

Hello Gentlemen,Our company is experiancing difficulties connecting a (Stretched Layer2) Dot1q trunk between DC and DR sites.Our current setup (which works without problems) is a basic Dot1q trunk (on both sides) running a vlan allowed list and filte...

damige1985 by Beginner
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My customer  has asked if the 3560 v2 is backward compatible with the v1. They have V1s in the field but their spares are V2. Is there anything that would make these two switches incompatible?Thanks,David Stehle

dstehle by Beginner
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Dear AllKindly Help me my network is working fine but internet speed slow so i  got new line with 20Mbps but i don`t want to remove my old line coz its  live IP so what it want i want to give some client 20Mbps all client  are joined to the Domain he...

Hello again,I have a very simple setup containing 3 C2960S switches:switch 1:  central switch, acting as router between VLAN 1 en VLAN 2switch 2+3: edge switches, connected via 1 link to central switch, both on VLAN 2Clients connect to switch 2 and 3...

Hi I have cisco 881 and configured with http access, but when i try to open in browser it's shows blank page. Is the Cisco 881 supports GUI ?Regards,Nilesh

Hi All,I have configured a PC for WOL on port 9 in 2 different floors, unfortunately one is working and other is not. I have verified the ACL's which in the entire path, none of them is blocking the pakets to reach WOL server.I need few clarification...

I am designing the network backbone for our campus. Attached the diagram for reference.Before i complete the design phase, please verify this network design and let me know if anybody has any comments.

VAbr AVib by Beginner
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Hi all,i have problem with queue limit on ME3400 switch. With this release ( http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/metro/me3400e/software/release/12.2_58_ex/release/notes/ol24334.html#wp89394 )queue limit is increased from 544 to 4272. I have load...