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can anyone tell me the difference between the WS-X6548-GE-TX and the WS-X6148-GE-TX?I can't see to find the specs on the WS-X6148 listed anywhere. I know the WS-X6548 has 1.4meg shared ram per 8 ports. What is the amount of ram shared per 8port with...

dmooreami by Level 3
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Was hoping someone might be able to let me know if I have a bad cisco router or if I might possibly have something mis-configured? The box is right at a year old. This is what my box is doing:     It has "shut down" the lan port for no reason.  The p...

agentcrtr by Level 1
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I plan to use a GLC-LH-SM= on one side of a 50micron MMF connection (with a mode conditioning cable). Does anyone know what X2 module on the other end I need to get the link up and running? The distance is less than 550 meters.Thanks,Bobby Grewal

shamg1974 by Level 1
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My head office is located in one building,where i have 2 core switches and access layer switches.there is on more office(OLVIRA) which is located in another building, this office is connected to the head office through the L2 fiber which is truck to ...

Is it possible to restrict the traffic coming in through an anyconnect VPN to RPD (port 3389) traffic only?I want all remote users to connect to the VPN, then access a workstation that is assigned to them without letting them have access the rest of ...

We have two 5548 switches connected to a pair of 6509 running in VSS mode. I am trying to understand the benefit of having bridge assurance on the uplink ports.If we have the command spanning-tree port type network enabled we cannot do a non disrupti...

I'm sure this not the place to ask but I'm having trouble finding the correct group.We have Cisco 1921 routers that a provider is using for MPLS.  They have it configured so that all internet trafic is passed to an internal ip address that is our pro...

Trying to configure netflow on a 3750-X. I'm sort of copying my config from a router but, it seemd that the commandes below don't work. Is there different set of commands to configure the source and destination.       ip flow-export source Tunnel0ip ...

Gents,Any hint on how to stop the following logs on my switch? I have started testing this license a while back and won't need it any more.%IOS_LICENSE_IMAGE_APPLICATION-6-NO_LICENSE: No valid license available: module = c3750x; slot = 2; udi = WS-C3...