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Hi guys,Iam having an issue regarding 3750 stack.Suddenly the switch start to initiate error msg and some traceback.Allso some ports suddenly stop working and dont forward traffic alltought i can see interface is UP/UP and negotiate to 1000 Gpbs.here...

Hi, I am fighting with problem isolating Vlans. It is 876 router and the idea is one connection to internet using Router ADSL WAN with Vlans I add Vlan2 to FE1 and Dynamic nat, DHCP for VLAN2 only and it works but  I cant make ACL to isolate VLAN1 fr...

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Hi Guys, I am configuring 2x 3560's to work with VmWare. in gig0/1 i have vmnic0/vmnic1 (service console) on both switches, now normally i would have them on a port-channel but when doing it over two 3560's im not sure the best way to do this? We hav...

HiI have a big problem with Vlan flapping, this is my topologySwitch 1 and Switch 2 have the SVI and HSRP configured. Switch 1 is the root bridge for all Vlans. The message vlan X is flapping between port Gi1/0/2 and port Po2 appears on Switch 3. The...

Hi everybody,I would appreciate your kind help in a problem that we have:Our setup(My mobile)----(Telecom Provider) ------GRE tunnel---------<Serial0>-(Cisco 1941)-<Giga0/0>-------------< ethernet>-(Router)-<Serial

Dear All,please help with the proper configuration that i should use to configure port security on cisco 2960 switch with the below setup                   i saw two types of setup and i don`t know which one is correct or even better1- interface Giga...

                  All,in a network with multiple subnets is there any configuration on Cisco switches needed to allow multicast traffic to traverse all the different subnets? All switches involved are 3750 v2s.Thanks in advance!  All replies rated.

Hi,I have this card installed onmy 3845 running version 12.4(18). But this card fails to show up.here is what I found in a show tech.any ideas?WIC Slot 0: Unknown WAN daughter card WIC module not supported/disabled in this slot Hardware Revision ...