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I have not so advanced but also not used sg550-28p cisco switch. Our college has obtained it as a donation from a sponsor. It was unpacked and looks like completely not used and new device. The switch was switched on with serial blue cable and putty ...

belve0001 by Beginner
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hi,is it possible to create a redundant/secondary peer-keepalive in a nexus VPC? this is in case the mgmt0 port/cable fails.the initial/primary peer-keepalive is currently using mgmt0 interface and via management VRF.i plan to use a L3 SVI for the se...

Hii have just upgraded my switch firmware to: c2960l-universalk9-mz.152-7.E0a.after the upgrade completed, the web ui is broken.attached screenshots of before and after.i have no idea how to fix this (i am a bit of a newby)any help will be much appre...


Hello, This might be a strange question, but are there any data or specifications available to compare the following situation.Take a switch that has x W of total power need ( and assume x can be fed by 1 PS in PS1, for example the 1100W PS)How does ...

gnijs by Enthusiast
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Hi R&S Experts,I had fail to upgrade the C3850 switch and got the looping BOOT FAIL once power on.I am sure couldn't enter rommon mode.Any method to make it work back? I have the same of working C3850 switch? Can I clone the flash from normal C3850 t...