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Hello, Please i'm thinking about a design in my backbone.I'm thinking about using a 3750 stacking around 4 or 5 switches intead of using one 4500 series switch.Can you confirm if my choice is the best or not ?  and why?1-My first argument was concern...

germain85 by Beginner
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hi every one i want to know ws-c4503E series 3 -slot chasis .I have compatabilty issues with MEM-C4K-FLD64M AND S45EIPBK9-12240SG will work or not if not please suggest the which is best  plz reply as soon as possible thanks

jaweed143 by Beginner
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hello,I have 2960G that in rommon status.I need that the switch work in 0x2102 (regular mode).I don't have a backup to configutratuio in my PC.I do wr before the switch go to rommon (startup config).What to do in order to the switch will be in 0x2102...

oded-levi by Beginner
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Hi all,I am trying to find some method to troubleshoot problems using wireshark. what I am looking for is:Configure Cisco router to capture the packets and store the output on the flash of the router. later on I can access the router and download if ...

I have a question on a CCIE Lab. Lets's say I have a 4 router setup in a linear fashionHA------RA<--->RB<--->RC<--->RD-------HBLet's say HA is in the network range of as well as HB. So I configure RA for bridgingand include the FA0/0 intf...

I've been tasked with redesigning a small network (15-20) including wireless.  Cisco recommends the RV220 as the entry point Firewall/Router/Wireless and researching there are apparently some good and bad sides of having everything all in one unit de...

cpolvorosa by Beginner
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Hi everybodyPlease consider the the following:R1-----ibgp--------------R2R1: is adentified by neighbor by R2R2:  is identified by neighbor by R1R1#show ip bgp neighbor neighbor is,  remote AS...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Resolved! GRE issue

The probelm is following: there is IP connectivity between public IP addresses, x.y.148.202 and x.y.132.202, but not between and Relevant configurations are following:Router A:interface Tunnel0 ip address ...

Hi everyone,I started having connectivity issues between my core 4506E (Sup7E) and Cisco 2960S. There were input and CRC errors on Te int (SFP 10Gb - LRM) on 2960S, which cause the interface to reset and drop connections. While troubleshooting this i...

forman102 by Beginner
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Today I'm going to be re-organzing my network, kind of and I just wanted to get a second opinon. Right now I have an ASA 5510 and a Cisco 2911 and a Cisco 2960 (and I have two more 2911s and 2960s that handles our phone network).How the network is se...

browe-tfx by Beginner
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Here's an interesting issue I've run into:I console into switch 1 (or router, it doesn't matter) and everything is fine.  From that session I SSH to switch 2 (or router).  The session on the second device has a noticable delay when I type.Next I SSH ...

We are having issues with DHCP and our SG300-52 and SG300-28P. Our set-up is as follows:Firewall --> SG300-52 (Direct connect to firewall) -->SG300-28P (Direct connect to SG300-52)The firewall and SG300-52 are both physically located in the same room...

jeffreyf09 by Beginner
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Hi there,I am curious to find out if there is any option to record flow timestamp in Netflow. I have enabled it on Catalyst 6500 switch using version 5. The output of "sh ip cache flow" does not display session timestamp - start and finish time. Is t...

fawad.alam by Beginner
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Hello Friends,I am currently studying regular expressions for BGP. topology is below. r6 belongs to as 30, others belong to either as10 or as 20. My purpose is to advertise routes only originated from as30 on router 6 . router bgp 30 no synchronizati...