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Hello,How can someone remove "address-family ipv4" from a bgp configuration without affecting the bgp peering. In other words, the "address-family ipv4" was added to the router bgp config, and it changed a bit the outline of the configuration. For ex...

hi alli actually have a coulpe of catalys 3560e configured as a core switches that performs vlans segmentations, and intervelan routing and acl's te filter.the both units running HSRP for the high availability.i make a transfer in intra vlan and the ...

Resolved! 2509 ACCESS SERVER

I have just added a 2509 access server to my home lab. It is taking commands but I am always seeingAccessServer(boot)>And wonder what the (boot) was and how do I get rid of it.??????????????????Thanks.Derek Cameron

Need help, have a single host that refuses to register his VEM in VSM, I can see him in show svs neighbors and all other servers went in although a couple of them we had to do more than once but I have all indications it is working, have correct lice...

Ok, so I enabled the "no service password-recovery" command on my C2960 switch.All seems to work as discribed.Only issue I have is --- which show command is used to reveal if the password-recovery feature is enabled of disabled as the command doesn't...

fsebera by Level 4
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Hi,Can any one tell why the IOS is displayed as unknown in the below output?C4507#show slavebootflash:-#- ED ----type---- --crc--- -seek-- nlen -length- ---------date/time--------- name1   .. image        A5C615FB  A18334   29 10322612 Jun 20 2005 06...

We have a server that we remove from the rack. The only role it has is to give out DHCP on the wireless network. I tried enabling  the built in DHCP server on  the Airespace 4112, though a Catalyst 3750G, but I dont get an address when I'm connected ...

Hi everyone,I have a Cisco2921 router and I want to convert the power supply to be DC instead of AC.How can I go about this? Am I going to buy a spare DC power module or what ?ThanksBrsam

rahman001 by Level 1
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Resolved! Quick EIGRP quirk

Hey guys, quick EIGRP question for ya. I am still brushing up on my EIGRP so my appologies if this is just a common sense question.I have a hub and spoke network with DMVPN connectivity with 2 hubs (Hub A and Hub B) and approx. 60 spokes.Each of thes...

Hi,The company I work have finally decided to enter the 21st century and invest in a new telephone system (Interactive Intelligence) to replace the legacy system which has served us well for the past 10 years. The project has only just started and in...

Hi!I want to switch from netgear to cisco so I bought a SG200-26. I was able to set up VLANs on the netgear, but somehow I have trouble to do it on the cisco. Searching the forum and the internet didn't helped me. Ich think I understand the VLAN conf...