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Hi All,My name is David and im new in the Cisco Buisness.My prof is IT but lately i found my self to much dependent on cisco guys.so... i started learning at hoe ccna.i got a little question as a newbie.i configured a 1941 as dhcp.i got fa1 192.168.1...

Hello Friends   -------------B-----------------C----------A                                             ------F  --------------D-----------------E----------Hello Guys,Don't get confused just by looking at above picture.  Let me explainI had one route...

I was replacing a couple of 3550 24PWR-SMI 's with 1 48 port 3560V2.  The two 3550's are connected to each other and then one connected to a 3750 24port running IPServices 12.2(50)SE3.  The 3560V2 is running IPServices 12.2(55)SE1.  However, when I r...

Hello,Does anybody know where to get the ISSU compatibility matrix for a given IOS image?I tried the www.cisco.com/go/fn as stated in the ISSU white paper but i couldn't get a list of compatible IOS release, only gotinformation ont he feature's avail...

HI,I have two questions about stp1)  I have Cisco GigaStack GBIC in mode halft-duplex.  Can I enable rapid  spanning-tree? Does Rapid spanning tree need link full duplex?2)  If I disable STP,  Would root bridge be created?  Would  bpdu be  exchanged ...

All,I need to know how to mark all egress traffic on certain interfaces to CoS 4 on a Nexus 5548.  Can anyone help me?Thanks,Ken

tohoken by Level 1
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Ok, So I have a 881W router that is supporting 2 different VLANs. One in on the network, then second is configured as a "guest" network. The 881w is functioning well with the two different SSID's and working on the two diffent VLANs. I want the AP541...

I have a scenario where my ACE need to get connected to SW1 and SW2.Can I do a portchannel set up on my ACE4710On ACE box  Int gi1/1 ---SW1            Int gi1/2-----Sw2so need to set up the portchannel for gi1/1 and gi1/2 to trunk the vlan 817

I tried to mirror a port, say g0/1 to g0/2, using a monitor session. I wanted to use an ACL to filter certain traffic prior to catching it off of g0/2. I made g0/2 a layer 3 interface so that I could use an ACL on the out side of the interface. No ma...

Hi all,I'm struggling to export traffic on an interface to a Linux box on LAN running tcpdump (later an IDS).I'v been following instructions on http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/ios/12_4t/12_4t11/ht_rawip.html but I get no traffic at all on the linux b...

bistevins by Level 1
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