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I have two CBS350-24T-4x switches Stacked together using the 10G SFP+ ports in Native Mode.I have created a LAG group comprising of 4 interfaces -  GE1 and GE2 from each of the units.LACP is disabled  When I connect the LAG group to a Cisco SG350X LA...

andywest by Beginner
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Recently got a 6504-E. I am running into these errors below. I've done some digging where it seems to be the cards aren't supported by the VS-SUP2T-10G that is install. Little lost on which cards I should buy, or switch out the supervisor card. Wante...

afmiller1 by Beginner
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Hi team, We have fiber to desk setup in our environment . We are currently using 4500 series chassis with module WS-X4248-FE-SFP . So, for end user connectivity , we are using fiber to desk converter. We are now replacing our chassis with new 9k seri...

 Hi! So I have this network and I need to apply NAT overload on router 1 and router 2. Whenever I apply it (NAT overload) on 1 of them, everything is fine, I can ping every device on the whole network. But when I apply it on the second router, I can ...

neww by Beginner
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Resolved! 3650 express setup

I have an issue accessing the express setup on a 3650 switch , following the guide i power in switch and wait for POSt to finish, then should be able to hold mode switch for 3 secs to enable express mode where switch turns into a DHCP server and has ...

jason.w by Beginner
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Hello team, Am working on Nexus7k and trying to investigate the cause of packet loss when user send pings on some nodes to remote server.  I have attached a sample of the ping result from the n7k to the server. Just in the learning process especially...

Hello.I'm looking for a cisco router to authenticate the internet provider and that allows fiber optic communication. Those are the only two really important features for the project. What do you recommend me?Thank you. 

newIntern by Beginner
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