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Hi All,I have to suggest MAC based security on 2960-24S lanlite switches, kindly suggest is it possible on 2960-24S, if yes how can i  do,kindly forward if a document is available on thisRegards

Hi,I was asked this question during interview. I would like to verify whether my answer was correct.Q: If 2 BGP routers are not directly connected, will they become neighbors?A: As long as they can reach each other through IGP, they can become neighb...

Resolved! Is there a way

to have a backup default route automatically switch over if the default route is down. My situation is I have 3 separate buildings connected with a fiber ring all using private ip addreess. Each building has an 3550 switch connecting the 3 buildings ...

Hi there,I have a good working setup and trying to find how basically it works in terms of VLAN processing and routing between source and its GW.Here are the detail:Server ip : : (Router_X)a)I have a source server named Tetra ...

Hello,How can I see the cpu process for more than 5 Min.Bcoze I am getting High utilization DM trigger through 'Netcool' Management tools and in CPU utilization history showing intermitent high cpu spike.Switchesa re integrated with NAC, Cisco Works ...

Hello everyone For access layer (Layer 2) we do configure management IP address to the access switch.And, for distribution layer (Layer 3) we do also configure management IP address to the distribution switch.Is there any difference between the Layer...

***CONSTELLATION*** We have the following constellation: We have a switch cluster with three  Cisco 3750G-12TS installed in one ring. After 1 year and a few months  we added an uplink to a new Cisco 3750G-48TS switch via a 100Base-SX SFP, but the upl...

richi3161 by Level 1
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Resolved! Cisco 1710

Hello,is this router good to connect to my adsl so that I replace it instead of the basic modem thet the ISP gives you ?WIll it help for the new ccnp exam ?

The assumption for the question below is that redundant L2 trunks are configured, which would require STP to prevent a loop....Which is largely the reason for the creation of bridging loops - broadcast traffic originated by the end-user machines that...

visitor68 by Level 4
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Hi all,This is my first postI am currently studying for the CCNA exam, from the studying that I have done I have decided to purchase some lab equipment.I got myself:2620XM2950 24 port switchI have set this up so I have :Netgear DG834G -> 2950 switch ...

tobyh4444 by Level 1
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Hello Everyone, I trying to configure netflow feature in my cisco 4507, using ntop for capture the packets.But, the switch sends all traffic passed, i need so four ports to capture, and not all traffic.Its possible configuring so four ports to send t...