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Unable to reach IP from some location

Dear All,We have Cisco 7609 configured on HSRP. Next IP of HSRP is given to laptop and the Gateway to the laptop is HSRP IP. We are able to ping the laptop from internet only from some location but not all over the world. Say for example the IP is re...

saran_chn by Beginner
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How to Rate-Limit a Layer 2 Switch Port?

One of our Telco service providers is asking if we can rate-limit traffic leaving our facility into their network. Their link is used to extend one of our Vlans to a DR site across the state. Our switch port facing their equipment is Gig/E, and the...

jay_finley by Beginner
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Dual-WAN and port forwarding problem (NAT)

Hi! I've got 1811 on my network.Try to connect my lan to 2 ISPs.---version 12.4!ip cef!multilink bundle-name authenticated!ip tcp synwait-time 10!track 10 rtr 110 reachability delay down 30 up 60!track 11 rtr 111 reachability delay down 30 up 60!inte...

avorobyev by Beginner
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Etherchannel on Catalyst 4948

Hi, I will try to explain my problem. I want to increase bandwith to 2Gb/s on my network. My network is really easy : 2 computer with 2 ports ethernet 1Gb/s configured in bonding (mode 0 round robin), so there is load-balancing and a better bandwidth...

T1 Configuration (PPP)

I am getting a dual T1 CKTs (PPP) for my company and have installed one T1 CSU/DSU and will be installing the second one soon. I received the static IP addresses from the service provider and would like to know how to configure the two modules with ...

skhirbash by Beginner
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STP question

Hello,We want to create a redundant link connecting two switches through four 1310 access points/bridges (two access points will make a link and the other two will be the backup path). I've read that the STP is disabled by default in these access poi...

Resolved! channel-protocol {pagp|lacp}

I've been using commandchannel-group {#} mode {on|desirable|...etc} for port-channel negotiation. However, I saw this command channel-protocol {pagp|lacp}on Cisco doco but I'm not really sure the implication compared with channel-group command. Is th...

Load balancing

To provide redundancy, We want to add a second NIC to a server. Each NIC will be connected to a different catalyst 2950 switch. We want to configure load balancing to use both NIC's at the same time.Because each NIC will be connected to a different s...

New thread on Cisco VRF route leak

The purpose of this thread is to seek clarifications. The previous thread posted was too long and difficult to understand. So I thought I made the problem even simpler for understanding. Following is how the switch, Sw1 is connected to the Core Sw. S...

Configure IP Address on NM-16

Hi,I have a Cisco 3725 with Etherswitch NM-16ESW. I was able to configure an IP address on one of the Etherswitch's port before but now:C3725(config)#int f1/2C3725(config-if)#ip addC3725(config-if)#ip address IP addresses may ...

tonyraboza by Beginner
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Network Design Question

Hi I am redesigning a network for the please can someone clarify the following questions;At the DC I have a:2 x Distribution switches 4506-10G2 x Core switches 6500 10G2 x DMZ switches 4503The Dis switch is where I connect the external connection to ...

Resolved! Need router recommendation

I am working with a small parochial school and their network of about 50 PCs.They currently have a Cisco 1720 router that their ISP manages and they have used a Linksys BEFSR41 router for DHCP and NAT.I am investigating a replacement router as the Li...

ttraver by Beginner
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