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Mixing Vlan-based QoS with auto qos on Cat 3750

Hello:I'm currently running "auto qos voip cisco-phone" on access ports to trust markings from Cisco phones. I also want do some marking on the data Vlan for those ports, and was wondering if I can do VLAN-based QoS for the data traffic, while runnin...

s-daly by Beginner
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ether channel fiber connections

can someone please tell me the config commands to set up ether channeling between 2 multimode fiber connection on a cisco switch. when i initial configured and plugged in my fiber there was traffic then it stopped and the ports shut down. no link lig...

ramonat by Beginner
  • 13 replies
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VLAN Not Routing Traffic

I have a layer 3 switch with two routers connected to it. When I trace from one WAN site to another through this switch I hit vlan 31 and just stop. I can get on the switch and trace to the network but from our other WAN connection I ca...

anthonymd by Beginner
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IOS Upgrade

Hello everyone,I am trying to upgrade the IOS of 3750 Switch stack. I can upgrade the master, but the upgrade doesn't replicate to the other switches on the stack, and the switches start sending mismatch messages.Any idea on how I can accomplished th...

2600 not able to add vlan envapsulation

I have a 2600 and I am trying to configure subinterfaces on a f0/0 port. I read that my code supports vlan encapsulation but when I try to add encapsulation 802.1d to the interface the command is non-existant. Here is the show ver and the error messa...

jasosan22 by Beginner
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Resolved! session 15 command which line?

I'm in the process of configuring radius authentication on our 6509 catos switches and I'm a bit confused. When you connect to the msfc using a 'session 15' command what line is it using? I thought that it would be the console line but changes to tha...

3msands by Beginner
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Vlan sub-interface puzzler

Having an issue getting a vlan to work. I have a Cisco 2801 router configured with sub interfaces and have some questions. I have a network which is Vlan 1 and a network (both /24)Vlan 2 The switch is configured as a trunk on the up...

jasosan22 by Beginner
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VSS Configuration Question Regarding MEC and OSPF

I need an opinion regarding design for our new VSS layer we are about to implement. The new VSS switches will be connected to our core (two core 7600 routers), looking over design suggestions from Cisco, it appears the best solution for HA connectivi...

taelon_x7 by Beginner
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Resolved! VTP Password

When I set the vtp password on my server switch (apple), then set the same password (apple) on all my client switches it takes a long time for newly created vlans to proprogate down. Is this normal behavoir?Is there a command that will speed up the p...