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Hello,This is continuation of my previous posts here. I did a lot of research, but I have a problem finding one thing: Is auto-negotiation mandatory on 1000BaseX (i.e 1000BaseSX) interfaces? (in other words, should every 1000BaseX interface support a...

miloskv by Beginner
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Hi all, I recently had to configure a nortel switch to connect to my 2960, On the interface vlan config, they have tag all option, and an untag pvid only option, which one would I need for my trunk but so it still has a native vlan, would it be the u...

I think I blocked everyone on the network from accessing the Internet via port 80. I was using the Cisco Network Assistant and I thought I was blocking port 80 only for fa0/8. However, I think I ended up blocking port 80 on all ports instead! Now I a...

I have a 3750G switch with servers plugged into it that have very high throughput between them(200-500Mbs), consisting of primarily multicast traffic. I'm showing a good amount of ouput queue drops on some of the interfaces that have server plugged ...

niro by Beginner
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We have been trying to upgrade a switch supervisor to the Sup 720.We have followed the recommendations increased power supply, upgrade fan, however, we did test and bake in the software on an E class chassis in slot 5 and worked for 3 days. When tryi...

Hi all, we had an issue where we had 2 100.1.x.x and 100.4.x.x addresses on our lan that were trying to talk through the firewall, but it was not working, the engineer had to issue a command>norandomseq nailed for them ip's, what exactly does this do...

Is there any way to traffic shape on local vlans...i familiar with traffic shaping on WAN however I never seen this procedure done on local vlan. Please keep in mind that I have a gig port with multiple vlans allow across however I would like lock do...

lewwalker by Beginner
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Hi all,I'm having issue in configuring Vlan-to-Vlan mapping.I'd like to "masking" a Vlan ID "X" in Vlan "Y" for transporting it, using a Layer 2 Trunk starting from a 6500 IOS Switch, to another switch (6500 CatOS)I used command found on Cisco docs a...

Hello,i have some 3560G switches, which are running rapid-PVST+ .Now i would like to integrate some older 3550s to this LAN. As far as i can see they are only capable of rapid PVST (without the +).Do i have to switch back to the older PVST to use the...

Resolved! SLB

Hi there,is it possible to do a SLB to two servers in a HP Closure (bladeswitch: Cisco 3020). The Cisco 3020 has an etherchannel with two ports connected to 6509 (which supports SLB).Thanks in advance.

vikcorper by Beginner
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Hi,I have a question about "priority percent" command.I want to deploy QoS at customer network to make sure voice traffic with DSCP46 and be treated with highest priority. All the packets makred with DSCP 46 will be put into LLQ on Cisco 3845 router,...