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Do the 3750E series support EIGRP and OSPF? Specifically the 3750E-48PD-F E series switch. I don't see anything related to standard or enhanced image for the e-series, like their is for the normal 3750 options.thanks in adavance,

Hi,Is it possible to apply a PVLAN configuration on a 6500 and have the interface on the FWSM configured as a promiscuous interface.I found an old thread that said it couldn't be done, but that it might in the future.The etherchannel interface betwee...

rhholmes by Level 1
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Have a Network layed out like this:3750 | (Trunk)Dell Powerconnect | (Access)Server The Powerconnect switch 18 VLANs on it. The server in question is connected to a switchport on the Powerconnect with setup as an access port with VLAN assignment. ...

How do figure out why? I tryed no shut down, still down...41-Switch-1#sh int vlan 3Vlan3 is down, line protocol is down Hardware is EtherSVI, address is 000a.f421.e800 (bia 000a.f421.e800) Internet address is MTU 1500 bytes, BW 1000...

DonnaJ by Level 1
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Cisco 2851#sh processes cpu sorted 5minCPU utilization for five seconds: 98%/6%; one minute: 98%; five minutes: 98% PID Runtime(ms) Invoked uSecs 5Sec 1Min 5Min TTY Process 291 3560472 1091595 3261 87.94% 89.21% 89.47% 0 C...

I would like to setup a vlan on our existing network. We have a 2800 used as an edge router connected to cat. 3750 used as a layer 3 switch. We have several other layer 2 switches connected to the 3750. I have a subnet that will be used for the v...


I have been assigned a task to run an MIB on a 4006 LAN switch to get every single OID on the box and I am not sure how to do this. We use SMART to view SNMP alerts for our networking devices and I want to be able to capture a failing Sup Engine usin...

Hi,I had an issue this morning and was wondering if it could be caused by enabling mls qos.Around 11:18AM after enabling mls qos, the network seemed to have blipped, meaning all communication was lost for about 5-10 seconds.We have SW1 connected to S...

pipsadmin by Level 1
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I am super new at networking. Thanks in advance for your input.I purchased from Ebay a AP1240 for use with my home system. I have a DSL modem and a Cisco hub, will this unit work with my current system without any additional software of hardware. ...

We're going to be moving from a relatively flat network where all of buildings have 3750 stacks and the connect to our 6500 via fiber where all the routing is done. It was 1 spanning tree domain and VLAN's are everywhere. I'm trying to move it to Cis...

Hey,I am attempting to make changes on a bunch of IOS switches and wanted to know if there was anyway to make bulk changes to a number of ports if they happen to be non-continuous (eg. 1,5,8 etc.). I do know about the range command but as I understa...